A whirlwind romance? Gay couple get engaged in front of tornado


Let’s hope there’s a rainbow after this storm! A gay American meteorologist has proposed to his boyfriend while a raging tornado loomed in the background.

A photo of Joey Krastel, 27, proposing to now-fiancé, Chris Scott, 23, on a dirt road in Kansas as the raging storm approached has made headlines and gone viral on social media.

Krastel explained to NBC that he developed a fascination for tornadoes at a young age when he saw one when he was four. He turned that interest into a career as a storm chaser.

In fact, it was his partner Scott’s mutual interest in tornadoes, (his favourite movie as a child was 1996’s Twister), that was one of the factors that brought the couple together.

They met after Scott, who followed Krastel’s Instagram profile, reached out to him, asking if he was a real storm chaser.

“That’s why it was always in the back of my mind to get engaged during storm chasing,” Krastel said. “I felt like it would be this perfect way to seal the deal.”

The couple were out chasing tornadoes in Kansas with two friends on Tuesday when Krastel decided that it was the perfect time for the proposal.

“It all just kind of came together and happened so quickly,” Krastel said. “I was like ‘OK, this is it.’”

Krastel simply but sweetly captioned the photo of the proposal: “The 2 loves of my life.”

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