We’re Queer my Dear is coming back!


The creators of We’re Queer my Dear, the empowering LGBTIQ+ online web series, are planning to launch new episodes later this year after an impactful and acclaimed first season.

This year, Shenay, Jaco, Jodi and Tina aim to get more personal; discussing brand new topics and featuring an array of guests giving their advice, opinions and views.

The second season will also feature a segment for WQMD followers to share their coming out stories, to inspire, to uplift and to tell the real truth of life outside the proverbial closet.

WQMD aka We’re Queer My Dear is an award-winning (“Media of the Year” – Feather Awards 2019) online series created by Shenay O’Brien (Producer) and Jennis Williamson (Director) in 2019.

Consisting of a panel of celebrities, entrepreneurs and social media influencers who all fall within the LGBTIQ+ community, WQMD is a quick 1,2,3 guide in helping you to come out, step up and live YOUR queer life to the fullest.

In the planned upcoming season, the panel will tackle everyday topics, discussions and questions such as coming out in school, being LGBTIQ+ in the workplace, online dating, HIV awareness, and adoption.

There will be collaborations with other LGBTIQ+ organisations and platforms and prize giveaways. The prizes include a 3 day 2-night stay for 4 people from Forever Resorts Loskopdam in Mpumalanga and a R5,000 beauty aesthetics voucher from Wellnessthetics in Johannesburg.

The show’s creators are aiming to launch sometime in June but are still working to secure all the funding for the project.

The need to open healthy discussions about queer issues within South African society was what sparked the conception of the project by O’Brien and Williamson.

“We would have loved to have something like this when we were trying to find our feet and come to terms with our sexuality,” says Williamson.

This series is not only informative and helpful for LGBTIQ+ communities, but also gives heteronormative society a look at the struggles, obstacles and challenges queer individuals face on a daily basis.

“We want to help others come out (if it’s appropriate for them) and be their authentic selves, but also we want to inspire others, even if they are not part of the LGBTIQ+ umbrella, to support and take a stand,” explains O’Brien.

The WQMD panel consists of:

Shenay O’Brien
One of SA’s premier drag artists, Shenay made South African history in 2015 by becoming the first drag artist to participate in the hit reality television show, Idols SA. She has been a spokesperson for the LGBTIQ+ community by bringing awareness through her talents and performances and loves inspiring and educating society to uplift LGBTIQ+ individuals. After the success of the first season, Shenay hopes that this project will continue to give all individuals the courage to be themselves and to live their lives unapologetically.

Jaco Venter
Jaco is a 30-year-old accountant and entrepreneur from Pretoria. Since the age of 14, he knew he felt different, but hoped it was just a phase that would pass. At 21, he realised his feelings were only growing stronger despite attempting to suppress them. After years of denial and uncertainty of how others would react, he embraced his true self. He is now married to his once best friend, Wian. Jaco is excited for WQMD Season 2, and to continue to inspire others to accept their differences and avoid the struggle and pain he went through.

Tina Redman
An actor, presenter, beatboxer and LGBTIQ+ activist, Tina has made numerous appearances on television (Reno Race) and multiple advertisements for the likes of Ford and most recently, Cadbury. One of her biggest role models is former Yo-TV presenter, Sade Giliberti, who showed her that being queer and a person of colour on television is possible. Tina believes that SA needs more queer opportunities to learn from each other and grow together. “It’s a huge responsibility to speak out for others but I hope to give each one of our viewers the courage to speak out, and embrace and love every and all parts of themselves.”

Jodi Deerling
Born and raised in the Eastern Cape, Jodi is an entrepreneur, performer and designer. He has been involved in theatre, television, radio and various advertisements. Jodi is an energetic, enigmatic personality that loves living his ultimate “Bizazzed” life. He wants to make a difference and leave behind a legacy, helping to empower others to reach their full potential and live their lives with no regret. He believes that WQMD has created the perfect platform for him to contribute his stories to make the difference that is needed in SA.

For all enquiries or to get involved, contact werequeermydear@gmail.com or follow the journey on www.Mambaonline.com, WQMD’s official media partner. We’re Queer My Dear is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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