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Queer dating: A new year is a great time to upgrade your dating profile (Photo: Shutterstock / fizkes)

Look, being single isn’t half bad most of the time. When you’re unattached, there’s no need to constantly update someone about your whereabouts. You’re free to engage in consensual romantic and sexual relations with any hottie you come across, and your space is your own.

But if there’s one thing that might just make you reconsider your relationship status, it’s the start of a new year. For better or worse, many of the singles among us will have kicked off 2022 with a renewed determination to find a worthy partner.

So, while there’s much to be said for the ease with which we can organise a hook up, you might be thinking of jumping into the formal queer dating pool again.

Here are a few ways to make your online dating profile stand out among the rest – and, hopefully, to secure something a little more permanent by the time the next year comes around.

Don’t skimp on your bio

Your bio is not unlike the curriculum vitae you use to apply for jobs. You want to show all those fish out there who you are, while highlighting your best qualities and showing them why you’re worth talking to. Your bio shouldn’t be too long, nor should it be short and meaningless (everyone who simply writes, “Ask me” or “What you see is what you get”, we’re looking at you!).

Once you’ve compiled the text, run it through a spellchecker to make sure there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors – you certainly don’t want someone awesome to scroll past your profile because of a typo.

Steer clear of tired clichés

You want to stand out, but when you list hobbies or interests like enjoying walks on the beach or being fond of red wine, you will absolutely blend in with the many others vying for people’s attention. By all means, tell prospective lovers what you like doing, but try to say it in a way that will make them think you’re not as boring as the rest.

Be authentic

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not – potential suitors will quickly notice when they meet you IRL. When putting together your bio, try to focus on those parts of your personality that will draw the attention of like-minded people, but don’t try and appeal to the crowd because you’re afraid no one will like you. Genuineness is very hot, and even if you consider yourself a little quirky, it’s exactly those idiosyncrasies that will help you find someone that might just stick.

Take inspiration from profiles that you find attractive

Doing some research always pays off. Take a look at the profiles that instantly make you want to swipe right, and analyse what it is that makes them so appealing to you, then apply those same principles when setting up your own profile.

Choose the right pictures

No one is going to intrigued by a grainy, dark photo of you with your dirty dishes in the background. As much as we hate to admit it, the way we look plays a big role in whether someone decides to initiate a conversation on an online dating platform or not. Choose recent good quality pictures that will show eligible singles what you’re about.

Some research has shown that people who have action shots on their profiles get more likes, so don’t hold back on posting that pic of you in the midst of an activity that you love. Pictures taken during the so-called “golden hour” – the time just after sunrise or just before sunset – are also usually a sure-fire way to literally put yourself in the best light. As a friend for help!

Have fun!

Don’t take the possible rejection, drama and rudeness that you might face too seriously. You do you, and enjoy the process. As a wise person once said (to paraphrase), “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” Don’t dismiss the possibility that while you might not meet a romantic life partner off the bat, you could get to know interesting people and make new friends in your queer dating journey.

Of course, things really get interesting once you start chatting to someone. Don’t give away too much in your profile, and leave the intense revelations for the second or third date. Here’s holding thumbs that the new year will see your relationship dreams become a reality!

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