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Queer New Year’s resolutions to take into the next decade: 2020 won’t just be the start of a new year, but also marks the advent of an entirely new decade! Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions that the queer community can (and should) take into the next decade.
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Here’s where to queer-party on New Year’s Eve: The last year of the decade is drawing to a close, and you’re probably wondering where you should spend New Year’s Eve 2019/2020. Fear not: we’ve compiled a list of parties that are sure to tickle your fancy!
Tips to take care of your queer mental health this festive season: While "it's the most wonderful time of the year" for some, the festive season can be a challenge for many in the LGBTQI+ community. Here are some mental health self-care tips.
Get to know your LGBTIQA+ alphabet: People – and even members who are part of the LGBTIQA+ community themselves – often talk in jest about the seemingly confusing umbrella acronym for people who do not identify as entirely straight.
“The category is love”: Celebrating the ineffable Billy Porter: History-making singer, performer, actor and fashion icon Billy Porter has become a dynamic representation of black queer talent, success and fearless fabulousness.
Teen Pride Mixer is creating a safe space for queer teens in Cape Town: The proud mom of a 14-year-old gay boy has started a Facebook group that hosts increasingly popular safe spaces for queer teens to interact with their peers in Cape Town.
5 things you might not know about Oscar Wilde: Oscar Wilde was born in 1854, but is still considered a literary and cultural icon who paved the way for LGBT representation in the arts.
Does giving another guy head make you gay?: R&B singer Tank has ignited a firestorm after he said that a man having oral sex with another man doesn't make him gay. Is he right?
RWC 2019: LGBTQ rights in the host country, Japan: The 2019 Rugby World Cup is currently being held in Japan. So what is the state of LGBTQ rights in the host nation?