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Are queer people safe on social media platforms?: A recent report confirms that social media platforms are failing to protect queer users from abuse and hate. Here's why that matters.
Conversion camp slasher ‘They/Them’ isn’t your average horror film: They/Them places queer fear and homophobia front and centre in a thrillfest that’ll hit home for many members of the LGBTQI+ community.
Rape by any other name: the toxic practice of stealthing: Covert condom removal, also called stealthing is rape, and goes against the inherent core value of good sex: enthusiastic consent.
Rainbow families: 6 South African queer celebrity parents: With the number of gay parents steadily growing, South African queer celebrity parents are also helping to normalise rainbow families.
Sashay away: out gay drag racer makes his debut at NHRL: Gay drag racer Travis Shumake broke new ground in the conservative racing world when he competed in the National Hot Rod Association Nationals.
Parents, this is how to support your LGBTIQ+ child: It's important to support your LGBTIQ+ child when they come out so that they feel loved and accepted. This is how you can do it.
Game-changers: The rise of queer gamers: Defying the stereotype that the world of video games is one mostly occupied by straight men, the gaming sphere is awash with queer gamers.
How businesses can be better LGBTQ allies all year long: Rainbow logos during Pride Month don't cut it. Here are some ways that companies and brands can be more authentic and better LGBTQ allies throughout the year.
Read all about it: The long and shameful history of outing by the media: For as long as sexuality and gender have been hot button topics, the media has had a hand in outing people before they were ready to do so.
LGBTQ elders and the importance of learning old tricks: As a community, do we do enough to learn from and take care of the LGBT elders that came before us? Perhaps it's time that we do.