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“Gay, brown and Afrikaans”: We talk to ‘Skeef’ author, Renaldo Schwarp: Radio DJ, media personality and the author of the book, Skeef, Renaldo Schwarp, gives us his take on creating queer content and living authentically.
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‘Skeef’ is a beacon for young, queer Afrikaans readers: Renaldo Schwarp, the creator of the documentary Skeef, is the force behind a new book that provides a guide to being queer in Afrikaans.
Why no one wants to talk about intimate partner violence in queer relationships: Intimate partner violence is as common, if not more, among LGBT couples as it is in straight relationships. So why don't we talk about it?
Why is there controversy over the Progressive Pride Flag?: The Progressive Pride Flag aims to evolve the iconic 1978 Pride rainbow flag into a more inclusive symbol for the LGBTQI+ community.
‘The Voice SA’ winner Tasché Burger celebrates queer love in new video: Tasché Burger first made headlines in 2019, when the then 19-year-old received 10 million votes to become The Voice SA’s youngest victor.