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How has lockdown affected your sex life?: 49% of South Africans who took part in the Sunday Times’ annual sex survey last year said they were having sex more frequently in lockdown.
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A lesbian reviews SA’s first gay rom-com, No Hiding Here: No Hiding Here is billed as South Africa's first gay rom-com. Angie Gallagher gives us her take on the film, now streaming on Showmax.
Queer books | Here’s a new free SA guide to queer terminology: The Pocket Queerpedia is a new queer book that will help readers broaden their understanding of the terminology of gender and sexuality.
These myths about intergenerational couples are getting old: LGBTQ intergenerational couples often face queerphobic stereotypes such as the myth of older gay men being sexual predators of younger men.
Polyamory 101 | Tips for loving more than one person: Have you or your partner ever thought about polyamory? Here are the ins and outs of healthy and consensual romantic non-monogamy.
Words matter: Some common LGBTQI+ gender terms: The way we use words is linked to how see the world and relate to others. Here's a guide to some of the LGBTIQ+ gender terms you need to know.
5 Valentine’s ideas for social-distance lovers: Here are five cute, socially distanced Valentine’s month ideas to try out if you and your beau can’t be together to celebrate love and romance.
Should straight actors be telling queer stories?: The issue of who gets to portray LGBT characters flared up again recently when Russel T Davies likened casting straight actors in gay roles to black face.
Gay TikTok is taking the world by storm: TikTok is the new kid on the social media block, where members of the LGBTQI+ community are making content aimed at queer users.