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Is LGBTQI+ visibility still important during a pandemic?: There simply isn’t a part of our lives that has not been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. So is LGBTQI+ visibility still important during a global pandemic?
Masturbation Month: 6 reasons why self-love is good for you: “May has come and so should you”, proclaims the official Masturbation Month website; a message that has special resonance during this era of social distancing and coronavirus lockdowns. 
A short history of homophobia: The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOTB) is marked on 17 May. But what is homophobia and when and why was the term created?
Queer content to stream while you’re in lockdown in SA: MambaOnline has selected some of the best queer content on South Africa’s most popular streaming services to keep you engaged during the lockdown.
Modern Family | Looking back at the groundbreaking series: The curtain recently came down on Modern Family which will be fondly remembered for one TV's most visible and well-loved same-sex couples.
GALA: Documenting queer history and biography for future generations: Our past gives us insight into who we are and where we are going. Angie Gallagher looks at GALA, South Africa's queer archive which aims to preserve our LGBTQ+ history for future generations.
The queerest musicals of all time: Gay men have been fascinated by musicals for as far back as we can remember. Here’s our list of the queerest musicals to have graced the stage and screen.
Boipelo’s Family Tree: a fruitful literary find for same-sex parents: Young queer author Mantedieng Mamabolo speaks to MambaOnline about Boipelo’s Family Tree, her groundbreaking children's book affirming the inclusion of same-sex families.
How might our outlook on gender and sexuality change in the next decade?: It’s plain to see that the global LGBTQI+ community have seen great strides being made over the past ten years, so what will the next decade bring?
Here are our 10 favourite local LGBTQ celebrity couples: This month, as a part of the ultimate celebration of one of life’s great passions, we turn our attention to some of our favourite local LGBTQ celebrity couples.