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Why the Stonewall Riots still matter 50 years on: The world this month celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, seen by many as the start of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. We look at why this historic event is still relevant today.
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Can we really promote South Africa as an LGBT-friendly tourist destination?: In the past few decades, South Africa has consistently been hailed as the most LGBT-friendly tourist destination on the African continent. But is this justifiable?
6 young global sports stars paving the way for LGBTQ+ people: While the battle for equality and inclusion in sport is a long way from being won, here are six young athletes that are paving the way for the next generation of LGBTQ sports stars.
IDAHOTB: 5 ways that queerphobia affects the LGBTIQ community: If you’re wondering why speaking out about LGBTIQ discrimination is still important, here are five real ways in which queerphobia affects the LGBTIQ community today.
Gay men and their moms: a relationship for the ages: Mother’s Day is approaching, and while many people will probably lay claim to having the best mom in the world, gay men in particular often seem to have an especially close connection to the women who raised them.
Frugal men’s fashion: Looking good on a budget: The way we dress has an influence far beyond merely covering up. But is looking good on a budget possible? Here are five low-cost ways to revamp your wardrobe.
A timeline of LGBTQ equality in South Africa: While we are today constitutionally and legally protected from discrimination, it’s easy to forget the years of struggling for LGBTQ equality in South Africa.
A look back at homosexuality on South African TV screens: In South Africa, television shows have often been at the forefront of making gays and lesbians a little more visible and human in the homes of millions of viewers. Angie Gallagher takes a look at how far we've come.