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‘Skeef’ is a beacon for young, queer Afrikaans readers: Renaldo Schwarp, the creator of the documentary Skeef, is the force behind a new book that provides a guide to being queer in Afrikaans.
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Here are some of Disney’s most famous queer characters: Disney’s Jungle Cruise is the studio’s latest release, and one of just a handful of Disney flicks to feature queer characters.
The best natural alternatives to lube: Check out these natural alternatives, some of them right from your kitchen, to try the next time you unexpectedly find yourself without lube.
10 essential household tools that every gay should own: If you’re stumped about what tools to buy, and don’t want to spend too much cash, these are the essential tools every queer person needs.
Unnatural? Here are some of the queerest stars of the animal kingdom: Queerphobes claim we're 'unnatural' but with same-sex sexuality seen in 1,500 species, it's time to accept that nature is pretty damn queer!