Legendary pop singer Sir Elton John (58) and his long-term partner of 12 years, David Furnish (43), have ‘tied the knot’ in a modest civil partnership ceremony, which took place at the Guildhall in Winsdor, in front of a small group of guests.

This was the same venue where Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles wed earlier this year.

The couple emerged from the Guildhall after the ceremony, while being showered with rice, to greet the fans, well-wishers and press. They then left in a black Rolls Royce for a private party at the singer’s mansion nearby. Large white tents were erected on the grounds for what is expected to be a start-studded bash.

The union took place Wednesday, the first day in which same sex couples were able to make their partnership official in England and Wales. Northern Ireland and Scotland also allowed the partnerships earlier this week.

While not classified as marriage per-se, the same-sex union grants gay and lesbian couples similar rights as traditional married couples. Around 700 couples are expected to join in partnerships today.

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