Josh Hartnett’s Hunk Woes

Hunky Josh Hartnett has been moaning about how tough it is to be gorgeous and successful in Hollywood. (We’re heartbroken to hear of his tragic woes.) He told Britain’s Arts And Books Review that, “When people say I’m a sex symbol, it undercuts any ability I have, so I try not to focus on that.” He explained that he took on all those sex symbol roles in films that he now regrets (including Pearl Harbour and 40 Days And 40 Nights) because he needed the money. “Pearl Harbor was really difficult for me to make”, he adds. Oh, we really do feel for him. What the actor wants, he says, is darker, more “experimental” roles. By all means Josh, by all means, but just make sure that they are SHIRTLESS “darker and more experimental roles”.

Rude Basic Instinct 2 pics leaked

Leaked pictures and video footage from the upcoming Basic Instinct 2 film have hit the Net. The long-in-the-planning sequel again stars Sharon Stone as a bisexual temptress who may or may not have a penchant for murdering her lovers. You’ll be pleased to know that the 48 year old Sharon looks pretty spectacular from what we’ve seen. And there really is a great deal to see – it appears as if the sequel is set to be more revealing than its predecessor. What’s up with all these spectacularly youthful looking close-to-fifty year olds out there in celeb-land? Take a look at Madonna’s performance at this week’s Grammys and in her fun new video for Sorry. Wow!

David’s underwear habits a cash cow?

It’s been claimed that David Beckham spends close to a staggering R10 000 a month on underwear. Apparently, they must be Calvin Kleins and each pair is worn only once and then thrown away (he usually goes through two a day, it is said). David can apparently be regularly spotted at El Cortes Ingles department store in Madrid buying up to 30 pairs at a time of the Calvin Klein Pro Stretch range. Now the revelation is set to bring in some big cash that will keep him in fresh Calvins for years to come. The gorgeous Real Madrid football player and international mega-celebrity has been offered a 1.1 Million Pound modelling deal by Calvin Klein to promote the underwear. Nice work if you can get it, wouldn’t you say? We seem to remember that David has already modelled Calvin Klein underwear in the past. Are we right?

Snoop Dogg – does anyone care?

It was announced last week with great fan-fare that Snoop Dogg will be in South Africa for three concerts in April and May. But does anyone really care? Why is this newspaper headline and street pole poster material? Yawn…

Dannii Minogue lesbian lapdance: Pics revealed

Pictures of Kylie’s less successful sister, Dannii Minogue, getting down with a female stripper have been published in News of the World. The pop-singer was caught on close circuit surveillance cameras at London’s Puss in Boots strip club getting a lap dance from a naked dancer. The images reveal an eager Dannii breaking the no-touching rule and snogging with tongue, fondling the girl, and thrusting her face into the dancer’s breasts. Onlookers say that Dannii didn’t show the slightest embarrassment at her actions and didn’t really seem to give a toss who was watching. Good for you girl! Then again, perhaps it’s all just another cheap publicity plot to boost a flagging career.

Little glitter for Mimi at the Grammys

Mariah Carey was expected to be the big winner at this week’s Grammys Awards, but something went horribly wrong. She may have had the best selling album of 2005 in the US, but, when push came to shove, her eight nominations for The Emancipation of Mimi and We Belong Together transformed into only three wins; contemporary R ‘n’ B album, R ‘n’ B song and female R ‘n’ B performance. And she didn’t even get to make an acceptance speech thanking God and her poodles – the awards were handed out before the show! Well, after a 16 year Grammy drought, it’s better than nothing. She should have realised it wouldn’t be her night right from the word go. According to reports, she insisted on opening the show with a performance, but this honour was instead given to Madonna (who wasn’t even nominated this year) and the Gorillas who performed together. I guess a girl can’t have it all after all…

Janet got fat for her art!

Anyone that reads the gossip rags or surfs the Internet can’t have missed pictures of the once sexy Janet Jackson impersonating a woman in a triple XXX fat suit. Many were shocked to see that the singer had packed on the pounds to such an extreme degree. Speculation ensued for the reasons behind the weight gain, including suggestions that it was due to a depression brought on by brother Michael’s child molestation trial. But now, if you believe Janet’s boyfriend, producer Jermaine Dupri, it was all planned and for the sake of her career. According to Jermaine, she deliberately put on the weight for an independent film role in which she was to play a mother in the Deep South. The movie apparently fell through and her pound packing was all for nought. That’s if you believe him of course. The 39 year old singer has a new album coming out later this year and has been spotted visiting the gym regularly of late. Ironically enough, she was seen this week wearing a sweater that said “You are what you eat… So eat good stuff.”

Shock! Will Young confesses to heterosexual thoughts

Openly gay UK pop singer Will Young has confessed to the Daily Express that he occasionally fancies girls. In the interview, he is quoted as saying, “I do fancy girls – sometimes. I’d say that every once in a year and a half, I’ll get a moment when I think I could possibly sleep with her. And my friends always say, ‘What? we don’t understand’. And then I’ll say, ‘It’s fleeting.’ But I like it. I’d never rule it out.” He also spilled the beans on his smoking of pot: “I don’t do hard drugs but I do smoke weed.” Perhaps that marijuana use may have something to do with the fact that, according to some record industry insiders, he’s been a little slack in promoting his latest album…

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