Aquaman hunk re-cast

We recently reported on the casting of sexy model Will Toale in the role of Aquaman in a new superhero series from the makers of Smallville. He was set to replace actor Alan Ritchson who originally made a cameo in Smallville as Aquaman. But my, how Hollywood is fickle; now Toale himself has also been replaced – by equally hunky Justin Hartley. No one is quite sure why the move was made, but the network issued a statement wishing Toale well in the future, saying that “We have made the decision to go in a different direction with the Aquaman role.” The new Aquaman (for now at least) is best known for his role on the soap series, Passions. Judging by the pictures of Mr Hartley (see left), we have no complaints about the studio’s decision.

Boy George doesn’t buy gay marriages

Boy George has come out and slammed the notion of gay marriage. The former lead singer of Culture Club, oft-times DJ and occasional alleged drug fiend says that marriage is outdated and no longer relevant in the 21st century. Referring to same sex civil unions that have been recently legalised in the UK, he told the Evening Standard that, “I haven’t been invited to any ceremonies and I wouldn’t go anyway. The idea that gay people have to mimic what obviously doesn’t work for straight people anymore, I think is a bit tragic. I’m looking forward to gay divorces.” A bitter old queen or words of wisdom? You decide.

Is Leo DiCaprio a cheapskate?

Leo DiCaprio is in South Africa shooting the movie The Blood Diamond, and according to Die Burger newspaper the star of Titanic is something of miser. Reports says than the actor has asked for, “World-class accommodation, but cheap, please.” In fact, it appears that Leo wants every luxury available, but isn’t prepared to pay the going rate. Apparently, a drunk Leo and his friend Jason refused a R20 000 room at a top Cape Town hotel at the cut price rate of R1 200 simply because the luxury accommodation wasn’t named the ‘Presidential Suite’. Fruitless negotiations took place between Jason and hotel management while DiCaprio played games on his cell phone. Adding fuel to the stingy rumours are claims that the scruffy looking celeb refused to eat at a restaurant in the city because the management would not offer him the meal for free. And the couple also refused to pay a driver R100 an hour to work after hours. Stingy? Perhaps. Spoilt brat? Definitely.

Mischa Barton stalks Jake Gyllenhaal

Ok, not really. But it does appear as if she is gunning for our man. According to the UK’s Daily Mirror Mischa Barton, star of The OC went out of her way to get introduced to the star of Brokeback Mountain at the recent BAFTA awards dinner (Jake took home the prize for Best Supporting Actor in the film). Reports say that they two thespians eventually swapped phone numbers and after Jake went on his way, Mischa did a victory jig to her friend. Hey, girl, he’s ours! Sigh, we wish. In related news, Jake and Heath Ledger have become such good friends since playing star-crossed lovers in Brokeback Mountain, that Jake has been asked to be the Godfather of Heath’s four month old daughter. According to IMDb.com he said; “Heath and I are best friends now, making the film was very intense for us. I’m actually Godfather to Heath’s daughter Matilda, which is an amazing honour.” Awww, sweet.

Oscar gifts madness

The Academy Awards are coming up and all of Hollywood is in a frenzy. One of the highlights of being invited to attend the exclusive ceremony is the gifts that you may receive. The ‘award gifting’ madness, in which stars are given free sample of all kinds of goodies, is becoming a staple of more and more awards events. The nominees in some of the leading categories at this year’s Oscars are set to scoop close to $50,000 worth of gifts, including vouchers for luxury hotel accommodation even gift certificates for LASIK eye surgery. Throw in limited edition cell phones, skin care treatments and stacks of free designer goodies, among a slate of products that companies are eager to see celebrities wear, use and promote. It’s all ironic really; why do the people who can afford all this stuff get it for free? Who said life was fair. (Or even made any damn sense anyway?)

Drag director gets probation

Well-known film director Lee Tamahori was placed on probation following his arrest while wearing a woman’s dress and a wig on loitering and prostitution chargers. He was arrested after offering to perform oral sex on an undercover police officer in Los Angeles on the 8th of January. Tamahori, a New Zelander, is best known for directing the James Bond flick, Die Another Day and the breakthrough hit Once Were Warriors. He pleaded guilty to the charge of criminal trespass in return for the more sever charge of prostitution being dropped. He was sentenced to three years’ probation, 15 days of community service, and to attend an AIDS education course. Perhaps he was on an undercover mission? I wonder what James Bond would make of this…

More Brokeback gossip…

Would you pay $100 000 dollars for a shirt worn by the stars of Brokeback Mountain? Well, gay activist Tom Gregory did. The shirts were donated by the studio behind the award winning film to an online auction to raise money for a children’s charity in California. One of the shirts plays a key role in the film. Tom, who collects movie memorabilia, said that, “I would never wear them, put them on, or separate them,” adding that he considered the items to be the “ruby slippers [from the Wizard of Oz] of our time.” The film’s director is also in the news thanks to rumours that he may be directing a biography of the late lesbian singer Dusty Springfield. Sources say that Kate Moss is being considered for the role of Springfield. Based on tales of Kate’s lesbian flings, she’ll slip right into the role.

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