The Stonewall rebellion in New York City in June 1969 is largely credited as the turning point for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights movement worldwide. Protest marches to commemorate Stonewall evolved into the present day Pride Parade, which in turn is now a festival held by the LGBT community of a city to commemorate the struggle for gay liberation, gay rights, and gay pride. Pride has three main premises: that people should be proud of what they are, that sexual diversity is a gift, and that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent and cannot be intentionally altered.

The history of the LGBT movement in South Africa was inextricably intertwined with that of the broader human rights struggle. South Africa’s new democracy was embodied by its new constitution enshrining the right to equality for all people before the law. The Equality Clause in the Bill of Rights prohibits discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation by the state and all other persons and since 1994,

In 2006 Joburg Pride celebrates its 17th year, and while Parliament and the courts have passed more than 33 laws that include protection and recognition for LGBT people, this is not reflected in society and attitudes. We would like to know what role and in what form Pride should take to meet the ever-changing needs of the LGBT community. Please complete the survey below to give us your views.

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