A memorial service for actor Brett Goldin and fashion designer Richard Bloom will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 25th April, at the Albow Centre, Gardens Synagogue, Hadfield Road, Gardens, Cape Town at 6pm.

The service will be a religious one and men who attend should wear Yarmulkes. In the absence of Yarmulkes, those attending should take some form of head covering, such as a hat or baseball cap. As a last resort, a handkerchief with each of the four corners knotted could be used.

Books of Condolences, which are currently on display at Manhattans restaurant for well-wishers to sign, will be at the memorial service, and then will be returned to Manhattans for a period of time.

Once the books are filled they will be sent to the bereaved.

Police have arrested two additional suspects, aged 20 and 25, in connection with the brutal murders, bringing the number of suspects in custody to eleven.

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