With X-Men III hitting cinemas around the world this week, the film’s stars are doing the media rounds. Sexy, tasty, yummy Hugh Jackman – who plays Wolverine – has admitted that his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, rather likes him to dress up in his super hero outfit in the bedroom. In an interview with Contact Music he says that “I feel a bit silly in that outfit but, believe me, my wife, really, really likes it. They’ll have to make a new one for the next movie because she won’t let me part with it.” We’d do the same if we were her (if only). He also said that he was aware that people speculated about his sexuality when he starred as gay theatre icon Peter Allen on Broadway in The Boy From OZ. He adds that it didn’t faze him in the least; “…I was already used to the gay scene, having been brought up in Sydney.”

Another one of the movie’s stars, the openly gay Ian McKellen, has said that his experience as a homosexual was an inspiration for his role in the movie. He plays one of a band of mutant outsiders who are ostracised by society. Speaking at the 59th Cannes Film Festival (if a nuclear bomb were to go off in the French Riviera this week, there’d be no celebs left) he had much to say on the matter: “As a gay man, some people think that it ought to be cured and made normal again and I find it as offensive as someone saying that they have a cure for the colour of their skin. This particular story was close to my heart; it has an important message to young people who may for one reason or another be disaffected with society because society points at their differences and says that they’re inferior to the rest of us.”


Celeb watchers are abuzz with reports that the Katie Holmes/ Tom Cruise marriage is in serious trouble. Rumours abound that the two had a huge fight (we’re not sure what about), leading to Katie packing up and leaving for Ohio with baby Suri to stay with her parents. Apparently Tom and Katie’s parents don’t see eye to eye – and they are of the opinion that he is too dominant in her life. It’s even been said that Tom restricts their access to their daughter. Word is that she’s reconsidering the whole relationship. It’s hard to miss the glazed look that Katie seems to sport every time she’s photographed of late. Plus, there’s still been no sighting of the enigmatic Suri. Does she even exist? It’s all fodder for Net loonies that continue to claim that the relationship is all a publicity stunt.


Legendary American actress Faye Dunaway arrived at the premiere of Sofia Coppola’s newest film, Marie Antoinette, at the Cannes Film Festival this week looking decidedly frightening. She seems to have become yet another victim of Hollywood’s plastic surgery mania. The desperate attempt to retain her youth has left her looking rather bizarre; she looks like an entirely other person. Judge for yourself…


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s African nativity safari continues to generate many, many column inches around the world. The two are hiding out in Namibia at the luxury Burning Shore Beach Lodge in anticipation of Angelina giving birth to the couple’s first non-adopted child. It’s all degenerated into a royal circus of note. The paparazzi won’t let a long-haul flight stop them from doing everything they can get a scoop on what seems to be the most anticipated birth since Christ! A South African photographer was even arrested after attempting to infiltrate the Bradgalina camp by posing as a gynaecologist. Apparently over 200 journalists are currently in Namibia to cover the story. They’ve complained that the police appear to be acting as the couple’s personal bodyguards. The nation’s authorities are so caught up with being in the world spotlight that they are determined to keep the couple happy. It’s been confirmed by the Namibian embassy in Washington that journalists must first get approval from Brad and Angelina before they are given visas to visit the country. Brad’s publicist meanwhile says, “I don’t know anything about it.” Brad didn’t make an appearance in Cannes for the premiere of his new film Babel due to the “imminent arrival of the newest addition of our family,” according to statement released by the actor.


Madge is back in the news (is she ever out of it?) thanks to the launch of her new concert tour in LA last weekend. She’s received rave reviews for the two hour spectacle that includes music from her latest CD Confessions on a Dancefloor alongside some of her classic hits. But it seems not everyone is pleased. Christian leaders have expressed outrage (yawn) at a segment in the show in which she appears on stage ‘crucified’ onto a huge mirrored cross wearing a crown of thorns. During the controversial performance she sings Live to Tell, while images of African AIDS orphans and third-world poverty are projected behind her – part of an appeal for AIDS charities. Of course these metaphor-challenged religious folk take it all literally – probably exactly what Madonna expected. In related news; former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has named her newly spawned baby daughter Bluebell Madonna – after the flower and her favourite singer. We’re sure that her offspring will appreciate the name in years to come…

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