Playgirl magazine has announced its Man of the Year for 2006: blonde and buffed model Derrick Davenport. He’s not quite a celebrity, but we really just wanted an excuse to post his picture for your enjoyment. The very delicious Derrick was born and raised in South Carolina in the US by a single mother. As we can clearly tell, he took an early interest in fitness and sport. It’s doubtful that the magazine will bother to mention that Mr Davenport has appeared in at least one x-rated solo video available on the web. Then again, the publishers still seem under the illusion that it’s mostly women who purchase their magazine. You can visit Derrick’s, sadly very tame (unless you’re a member), website here.


Word is that hunky former Big Brother Africa contestant, soap star and singer Stefan Ludik will be performing at Pretoria gay club Legends soon. Namibian born Stefan’s career as a singer is a relatively recent undertaking, but whatever you may think of his warbling it’s great to see a local celeb acknowledge the value of the gay audience. If you’re a musical snob, block your ears and simply watch the gorgeous man do his thing on the stage. Rumours persist that images of Stefan in the buff in the Big Brother shower are still out there somewhere… Hmm…


It really is all smoke and mirrors with Michael Jackson it seems. Recent reports suggest the disgraced pop star may not actually be the biological father of two of his two children, Paris, eight, and Prince Michael, nine. The allegations have come to light now that their biological mother, Debbie Rowe, who originally gave up her rights to the kids, is legally seeking to have access to them. She apparently claims that Jackson “abducted” the boys on “faked passports” when he moved to Bahrain. Jackson is said to be horrified at the thought of yet another lengthy court battle which will reveal yet more secrets about his bizarre life and may lead him to lose his beloved children. Jackson was most recently seen at the botanical gardens in Paris wearing striped pyjamas and being pushed around in a wheelchair by a bodyguard, followed by his veiled children. Words fail us.


Boy George is taking his vocal chords out of retirement. The 45 year old iconic eighties pop singer has been known more for his DJ’ing than his singing for quite some time. The occasionally cross dressing star, who recently avoided serious drug charges in the US after police found cocaine in his New York apartment, gave a performance in London of new material. It was his first solo performance in more than a decade. While the singer was said to be looking in good sprits, at least one critic – from the Evening Standard – wasn’t very impressed. Andre Paine described the new songs as a “misguided effort” and “troubling”, adding that the new ballads were “unsuccessful”. Paine concluded the review by saying that, “Boy George remains a distinct vocal talent. But if he wants a solo singing career again, he desperately needs decent songwriters”. Ouch! Rumours abound that there are plans by a large Jo’burg club to bring Boy George out to South Africa. He’s been here before as a DJ, but he’s unlikely to be the same crowd puller he once was.


Another eighties Brit singer in the midst of a comeback is the dour-faced Morrissey. Responding to rumours that he had an affair with Michael Stipe, the gay lead singer of REM, he once again refused to categorise his sexuality. “That’s absolute [bleep], absolute [bleep], and I don’t know why people ever said that. Do you?”, he told London’s Times about the alleged liaison. To the question of whether he was gay, bi or straight, he stayed true to a career of sexual ambiguity, saying that, “It’s neither of those things. I’m simply myself, which is inexcusable to many people. I’m not trapped by anything.” Some might say that his fear or being “trapped” is really the issue. Kudos to him for determinedly sticking to his holier than thou convictions decade after decade after decade. Yawn…


Gays the world over are rejoicing at the news that Australian popstrel, Kylie Minogue, has taken to the stage again – even if only briefly. The singer, who has been in recovery after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, hasn’t performed since she was forced to cancel her Showgirl world tour to undergo surgery. Kylie made a surprise appearance at a show by her sister Dannii, celebrating the release of the younger Minogue’s ‘greatest hits’ (huh?) album. Looking radiant, she came out onto the stage singing the chorus to Dannii’s song Jump To The Beat at popular gay club, G-A-Y in London. Predictably, the crowd went mad; Club promoter Jeremy Joseph told Reuters that “It was the most incredible and emotional moment – a dream come true.” Kylie congratulated her sister saying, “I love you so much and I’m so proud of you.” While the two were beaming on stage, we wonder if Dannii might not have felt a tad upstaged by Kylie. After all, it was HER party; now it’s become all about her big sis.


Congratulations are in order! Sexy Hollywood actor Matt Damon has just become a first time daddy. Showing complete disregard for the celebrity trend of tagging newborns with absurd names, he and his wife Luciana have named the baby girl, Isabella. We wish the family all the best.


South African born singer Noa Tylo was seen in New York offering support to drag singer Kevin Aviance who was the victim of a gay-bashing last week. Kevin, who was out of drag at the time, was attacked by a group of young men shouting homophobic insults after he left a bar in the East Village. He was released from hospital on Monday with his jaw wired shut and his leg in a brace. Kevin made an impact on the US dance charts in 2002 and 2004 with the tracks Give It Up and Alive. He hopes to be well enough to perform at New York Pride later in the month. Noa, who is working on his own career as a singer in the US and is well known in Joburg, handed Kevin a bouquet of flowers as left the hospital. Interviewed by a local New York TV channel about the attack, Noa said that “when something bad happens, we need to stand together.” Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called the attack “a disgrace.” Four men have been arrested in connection with the hate crime.


Pop-singer and estranged husband of Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, has told a gay fan that he has no interest in giving men a try after his much publicised split from the blonde bombshell. The equally gorgeous singer, who is promoting his new album, was reported to have said that, “I was asked if I’d ever consider playing for the other team, which was a ‘Ooh, I’m not expecting that one.’ I answered it, ‘While I respect the other team and recognise that there is another team and they too play ball, I am not interested in playing for the other team.’” A real shame, we say. He should at least try the other team before making such important sporting decisions.

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