Tens of thousands of people in a number of European countries and North American cities celebrated Pride this weekend. A common theme was a call for same-sex marriage to be legalised.

Notable European events included a large parade in the French capital on Saturday, featuring the participation of the city’s openly gay mayor, Bertrand Delanoe. Organisers claimed that more than 800 000 people attended.

Around 5000 people took part in a Pride gathering in Dublin, while Lisbon saw a meager 400 or so participants taking to the streets in that ancient city. Over 1000 people marched through Athens, while a similar number paraded in Budapest. A reported 200 people took part in an event in Zagreb.

In the US, more than a dozen cities hosted Pride celebrations this weekend. Tens of thousand of people, many in outrageous costumes, walked in the rain down 5th Avenue in New York City on Sunday.

The theme of the march was “The Fight for Love and Life”, particularly apt following a spate of hate crime attacks on gay residents, including drag singer Kevin Aviance. Aviance had recovered sufficiently from the brutal attack to participate.

Two other large US Pride celebrations took place in San Francisco, the city’s 36th annual Pride event, and in Chicago.

Canada’s biggest gay and lesbian parade attracted around 30 000 revelers in Toronto. The city’s Mayor, David Miller, and other members of the city council participated in the march.

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