Lindsay’s New Man

There was much speculation about who the sexy new man (boy?) hanging out with part-time actress and professional party animal Lindsay Lohan on the beach might be. Another new boyfriend? A fling? It turns out that he’s actually her 19 year old brother Michael Lohan. Certainly someone to watch out for, don’t you agree?

Shocker: 71 year old Sophia Loren to pose nude

According to reports from Rome, 71 year old Sofia Loren – the legendary actress and a much revered sex symbol in her day – is set to appear in the buff in next year’s highly sought after Pirelli calendar. Gente magazine says that she wore nothing more than diamond earrings for the photo shoot. We’re not sure whether we should applaud the old dear for advancing geriatric sexuality, or be very, very frightened. Next year’s calendar will apparently also include actresses Penelope Cruz, Naomi Watts and two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank. Sofia’s photos have been described by a friend as “very beautiful and will add to the myth of La Loren.” (Well what else would a friend say?) We suspect that the photographer’s copy of Photoshop was put through its paces to produce the final results. “You have to be firm about it when you make up your mind to do something you like and you’ve been thinking about doing for a long time,” Sophia told Gente about the photos. “Firm”, of course, being the operative world.

Oprah to party in SA?

According to the Die Burger newspaper Oprah Winfrey, the richest self made woman in the world, is planning to celebrate New Years Eve in South Africa. And she is apparently set to bring hordes of celebrity friends, including Julia Roberts, John Travolta and the ever faithful pal Gayle King, with her to see in 2007. The 100 or so invited a-list guests are said to include Nelson Mandela. The newspaper claims that she won’t only be in the country to party, will also be opening her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls – situated in Henley-on-Klip near Johannesburg – in early January. And who said business (or should it be philanthropy) and pleasure don’t mix. Not us!

Jen and Vince engaged. Well, maybe

According to that oh-so-highly respected news source, the Internet Movie Database website, Vince Vaughn has proposed to 37 year old Jennifer Aniston. And she reportedly accepted. It seems that the couple who star together in The Break-Up, which is yet to open in South Africa, waited until all the fuss around Brangelina’s spawning died down before making the move. Apparently, the 36 year old Vince got down on one knee during a promotional trip for the film – in Paris of course – and popped the question. Jen’s representative Stephen Huvane quickly denied the rumours. Personally we don’t see what she sees in the man, but could anyone ever really top Brad?

Ronaldo gay slur ruckus

It seems that the English didn’t take too kindly to being beaten by the Portuguese soccer team at the World Cup in Germany. The Sun newspaper branded sexy Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, a “nancy boy” and quoted England footballer Wayne Rooney as ridiculing him as a “pretty boy”. Tsk, tsk, such sore losers. The comments have come under fire from longtime gay rights activist Peter Tatchell. “The Sun’s homophobic sneers against Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, are out of order. We urge the Football Association to prove its proclaimed commitment to tackling homophobia by reporting The Sun to the Press Complaints Council,” he said. “No player should have to endure insults about their race or sexuality,” said Tatchell. We couldn’t agree more. Poor Ronaldo! Now if only he really were gay… sigh…

Robbie to get back with Take That?

Robbie Williams may soon be returning to the studio to make beautiful music with his former band, Take That. The boys have invited Robbie to join them in recording new material, and he is still considering whether to do so. Robbie’s the most successful solo member of the band; he certainly doesn’t need the work, but it would probably make a huge difference to his mates’ bank accounts. There was much recent talk that Robbie would join Take That on stage, but that never panned out since both he and the band were on separate tours. Take That start work on their new album later this month. We can’t wait! (Actually, I think we can – Ed)

Kylie to finally marry Olivier

In a new television interview, pop star and cancer survivor, Kylie Minogue has said that she plans to marry her long time French boyfriend Olivier Martinez later this year. Snippets of the interview, which will be shown on the UK’s Sky channel on the 16th of July, have been leaked onto the Internet. In the interview she talks for the first time about her battle with breast cancer, and how she reacted when she was told that she was ill. “At the moment doctors told me I went silent. Mum and Dad were with me. Then we all fell to pieces,” she is reported to have said. We can’t but help feel warm fuzzy emotions when it comes to Kylie; few would argue that she really deserves her fairy tale happy ending.

Doctor Annie Lennox

Pop star Annie Lennox has been awarded an honorary degree from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. The singer made a name for herself as the lead vocalist of eighties cult band the Eurythmics and then went on to a successful solo career. Accepting the award, she admitted that she was somewhat taken aback at the honour. “What I have done with my life has all been about self-invention and I didn’t have degrees or qualifications or anyone to guide me and I still work very much in that way,” she said, adding that “I’m very happy to be here, even though I feel like a complete fraud.” Now that’s something you don’t see in the celebrity world very often: humility.

Madonna flogs discount clothing

We’re not quite sure why but Madonna – in the midst of her sell out world tour – has just completed a photo shoot to promote the clothes of international discount fashion retailer H&M. It’s not like she needs the money after all. Usually associated with couture labels like Versace and Gaultier, the pop icon is getting down with the little people. In fact she dragged her entire touring company into the deal: The campaign includes images of Madonna and many of her on and off stage crew wearing the retailer’s clothes. Bear in mind, that H&M may be inexpensive, but it’s no Pep Stores: it’s commissioned designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney to design one off collections. The deal will mean that the brand will be outfitting the entire crew and cast when off-stage, and Madonna has apparently also played a part in designing a nylon tracksuit for the team, which will be available in stores in August.

More Madonna: Sibling rivalry

In other Madonna news, (our editor is something of an obsessed fan you see), her gay brother Christopher Ciccone, has admitted that he is sick and tired of being asked about his famous sibling. In an interview with the UK’s Attitude magazine he admitted that it’s tough being related to a gay icon. “Sometimes I’ll meet a guy at a bar and they won’t stop talking about her. After the eleventh question, I’ll

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