After several years, and many unsuccessful attempts to see the now almost infamous Mince drag duo in Cape Town, my wait recently came to an end. And I’m pleased to say that I was not disappointed!

As part of a rather drunken Jozi contingent attending the Cape Town Pride festivities, we eventually found our way to the On Broadway dinner theatre (88 Shortmarket Street) on Sunday evening, already filled with the joys of summer and whatever other substances had found their way into our systems along the weekend! The evening could therefore have gone either way!

When Keiron Legacy and Lilly Slaptsilli took to the stage wearing “rosary red blusher and monastery maroon lip liner”, and adorned in their maroon nuns habits, we knew we were in for a ride as The Da Mincey Code came to life before us.

The larger than life personalities and impeccable timing of both performers, not to mention the most gorgeous pairs of legs ever seen, had us giggling, ogling and blushing from start to finish.

Lilly Slaptsilli’s rendition of Liza Minnelli rates as one of the funniest acts I have ever seen, and she had us falling about reminding us at every turn that she is indeed the daughter of Judy Garland. “You know, from The Wizard of Oz?” Add Christina Ugly Hairy, Aretha Franklin, Pussycat Dolls and Donna Summer to the mix, and you have a romp of magnanimous proportions.

Not only are you treated to performances from some of the finest divas of our time, the show also includes very handy tips on the use of poppers, and other raunchy demonstrations that will have your grandmother passing out from embarrassment.

While the musical numbers are performed lip-synching (and very well, mind you) to the original tracks, the girls do occasionally ad-lib and interact with the audience. Sitting near the stage is only recommended for the brave as you may find yourself part of the act; as a table of embarrassed women discovered.

As interludes between gorgeous costume and make-up changes, the team has assembled some fabulous multi media clips to keep the audience entertained. I am often very wary of these kinds of film clips as they can be tacky and over the top. In this case, certainly over the top, but surprisingly professionally filmed and edited which assists the girls in their slick show. Two of our favourite 80’s icons, Crystal Carrington and Alexis Carrington, are brought to life once again, as are some of our favourite bitch-slapping scenes.

What all of the above has to do with Da Vinci, erm Da Mincey Code, I have yet to figure out. Perhaps it was the copious amounts of alcohol flowing through my system, or my blonde roots, but that link escaped me completely. A great title though, and any excuse for a boy to dress like a nun I suppose.

Having traveled fairly extensively throughout the world, and seen many drag shows in my time, I can honestly say that this was one of the best drag performances I’ve experienced. And did I mention that the two stars have two of the best pairs of legs you’ll ever lay your eyes on?

Mince stands out from other South African drag acts thanks to Keiron and Lilly’s immaculate sense of style, smart wit and slickly choreographed performances. Great lighting and sound at the new On Broadway, certainly only add to the standard of the show.

The Da Mincey Code runs every Sunday and Monday evening at 8pm until 26 March 2007 with one final week having been added due to popular demand from Wednesday 28 March to Sunday 1 April 2007.

Kevin Featherstone

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