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DA to investigate MP’s homophobic tweet about Eusebius McKaiser: The DA has confirmed that Ghaleb Cachalia's recent homophobic tweet about gay author and broadcaster Eusebius McKaiser is among those that will be investigated.
Namibia same-sex family fight for equality through music: A same-sex couple and their son, who've been refused recognition by Namibia as a family, are fighting for their rights - with music!
Uproar over LGBTIQ inclusion in South African schools’ textbooks: South African schools are slowly moving towards teaching and including LGBTIQ+ realities in their classrooms and curricula, but not everyone's happy about it.
Brunei hits back. Says gay execution law about “prevention” not punishment: The government of Brunei has attempted to defend its new gay execution law in a nonsensical letter to the United Nations.
LGBTI activist denied asylum in SA because he has to “prove” he’s gay: Despite being a well known pan-African LGBTI+ activist and facing death threats, the South African government does not believe that Kenyan George Barasa qualifies for asylum.
SAHRC still pondering court action against LGBTQ hate pastor Oscar Bougardt: The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has responded to a petition calling on it to initiate legal proceedings to jail anti-LGBTQ Cape Town pastor Oscar Bougardt.
32 countries condemn Chechnya LGBTI purge but not South Africa: South Africa is notable by its absence in a statement signed by more than 30 countries condemning the arrest, torture and killing of LGBTQ people in the Russian republic of Chechnya.
‘Homophobic’ tweet by Loyiso Bala to his brother is heartbreaking: A birthday tweet by singer Loyiso Bala to his brother has been condemned as an example of the often seemingly subtle but devastating homophobia of religious intolerance.
Getting naked: Armand Aucamp on coming out the closet: Hunky South African actor Armand Aucamp recently came out as a gay man. In an interview with MambaOnline, he opened up about his sexuality, living in the closet and coming to terms with his true self.
Die Stropers (The Harvesters) – The Mamba Review: Die Stropers (The Harvesters) - the latest acclaimed queer film to come out of South Africa - is a moody and unsettling meditation on family, secrets and identity.