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Eswatini government refuses to register LGBTI group: The registrar of companies in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) is refusing to register an LGBTI rights group, arguing that its objectives have a "negative mindset."
9th Durban Pride a political & social expression of LGBTQ identity: KZN's queer community came out in their hundreds for the 9th annual Durban Pride on Saturday, despite the city council once again failing to publicly support the event.
Tragedy as gay Pretoria couple killed together in accident: The tragic death of two gay Pretoria men in a road accident has been exacerbated by claims that media outlets have avoided reporting that they were a committed couple.
Wealthy rugby star Israel Folau is raising millions for hate: Despite being worth millions, Israel Folau outrageously wants others to pay for him to be able to justify his homophobia and bigotry in court.
Abusive Home Affairs biggest challenge facing LGBTI asylum seekers: A new report reveals the many challenges facing LGBTI asylum seekers who have fled to South Africa, including homophobic and xenophobic state officials.
Ramaphosa includes gay community in inauguration speech. Now it’s time for action: Cyril Ramaphosa has included lesbian and gay people in his presidential inauguration speech; a truly rare occasion in Africa.
DA to investigate MP’s homophobic tweet about Eusebius McKaiser: The DA has confirmed that Ghaleb Cachalia's recent homophobic tweet about gay author and broadcaster Eusebius McKaiser is among those that will be investigated.
Namibia same-sex family fight for equality through music: A same-sex couple and their son, who've been refused recognition by Namibia as a family, are fighting for their rights - with music!
Uproar over LGBTIQ inclusion in South African schools’ textbooks: South African schools are slowly moving towards teaching and including LGBTIQ+ realities in their classrooms and curricula, but not everyone's happy about it.
Brunei hits back. Says gay execution law about “prevention” not punishment: The government of Brunei has attempted to defend its new gay execution law in a nonsensical letter to the United Nations.