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Zimbabwe: Government Launches Scathing Anti-LGBTIQ+ Attack: The government of Zimbabwe has launched a scathing attack, labelling LGBTIQ+ individuals deviants who should be denied education.
Potch Student Suspended for Disrupting LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Orientation: Religious homophobes are backing a Christian law student who was suspended for disrupting a student orientation talk on LGBTQIA+ inclusion.
Caster Semenya Appeals for Funds for Athletics Gender Equality Case: Caster Semenya says her case in the European Court of Human Rights is for all athletes discriminated against by unfair gender restrictions.
Jacob Zuma vows to reverse same-sex marriage rights in South Africa: Disgraced former President Jacob Zuma is seemingly spearheading a campaign to undermine the hard-won rights of same-sex couples in South Africa.
Opinion: Beyond Gaza – South Africa’s Inconsistent Stance on LGBTIQ+ Rights: South Africa's stance on Gaza is in contrast to its weak position on international LGBTIQ+ rights, revealing a pattern of selective advocacy.
UN LGBTI rights watchdog engages with South African activists: Graeme Reid, the newly-appointed UN Independent Expert on LGBTI rights violations, recently met with LGBTI+ activists in Johannesburg.
Ghana bishops affirm support for abhorrent anti-LGBTQ+ bill: The Catholic Church of Ghana has sought to dispel confusion about its stance on homosexuality and support for the country's anti-LGBTQ+ bill.
Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill passes final hurdle in Parliament: South Africa's Parliament has passed the amended version of the Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill, which will be sent to President Ramaphosa.
Report: Teachers accused of “gross misconduct” in “preventable” suicide: A damning report on the tragic suicide
In Pictures: Johannesburg Pride 2023 Gallery Two: Here's our second exclusive gallery of stunning images of the 2023 edition of Johannesburg Pride, Africa's largest LGBTIQ+ event!