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Eswatini government officially rejects LGBTI group: The government of Eswatini confirms that it views LGBTI people as criminals and second class citizens who are not entitled to basic human rights.
Report: Eastern Cape LGBTQ woman takes own life after rape (Updated): Sue Ann Klaasen, a young LGBTQ woman from Uitenhage, has committed suicide after being raped by a group of men allegedly because of her sexuality.
Spar to take action against ‘gay rape’ hate speech employee: A Western Cape man is in hot water with his employer, Spar, after posting a hate speech comment on his Facebook profile about raping gay men instead of women.
Robert Mugabe, Africa’s most infamous homophobic leader, is dead: Zimbabwe's LGBTIQ community has expressed mixed feelings about the death of former president Robert Mugabe, who has been both hailed as a liberator and condemned as an oppressor.
Moffie earns acclaim after world premiere in Venice: Moffie, a new gay-themed South African film, is wowing the critics after its world premiere at the 76th Venice Film Festival.
Race and language row over ‘Afrikaans’ Nelson Mandela Bay Pride video: The Nelson Mandela Bay Pride Committee has been criticised over a promotional video that's been described as exclusionary and unrepresentative.
Home Affairs minister admits marriage laws not working for all: Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi says South Africa's marriage laws need to be revised as they allow for discrimination against some citizens, including the LGBTIQ community.
Science finds there’s not one gay gene but many: The largest-ever study of its kind has concluded that there is no single gay gene that makes a person gay and that many of them play a role.
Hot 91.9fm uses gay book to justify “moffie” skit: As radio station Hot 91.9fm continues to defend its homophobic “moffie” skit, a Johannesburg man will go ahead with his complaint to the BCCSA.
Home Affairs looking at single marriage law in SA: The Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, will host a dialogue on the development of a new single marriage law for all South Africans, regardless of sexual orientation or culture.