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Horror axe attack highlights same-sex domestic violence: A Limpopo woman who was hacked with an axe by her wife is highlighting the rarely discussed issue of domestic violence in LGBTIQ relationships.
Ramaphosa urged to reject Civil Union Amendment Bill: An anti-LGBTQ 'religious freedom' group has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to not sign the Civil Union Amendment Bill and send it back to Parliament.
Charlize Theron’s new action flick The Old Guard is queer movie magic: The new Netflix hit movie The Old Guard, co-produced by and starring Charlize Theron, is an action blockbuster that features a prominent gay couple.
Dancing for change: Meet trans ballet dancer Sophie Rebecca: UK ballet dancer Sophie Rebecca is making a powerful impact through her performances and activism as a proud transgender woman in the traditionally conservative ballet world.
EFF apologises to LGBTQI+ South Africans for members voting against Civil Union Amendment Bill: In an extraordinary turn of events, the EFF has apologised after three of its members in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) voted against the Civil Union Amendment Bill.
Civil Union Amendment Bill passed by NCOP: South Africa's National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has passed the Civil Union Amendment Bill, making marriage equality that much more accessible to South Africans across the country.
DA members wade into JK Rowling transphobia furore: In the wake of the JK Rowling transgender equality controversy, the DA Rainbow Network has responded to concerns about social media posts on the issue made by some figures in the party.
Kirvan Fortuin buried with a rainbow flag: Slain queer dancer, choreographer and activist Kirvan Fortuin was laid to rest on Sunday with their coffin draped in the LGBTQ rainbow flag.
Hate pastor Oscar Bougardt suggests dancer Kirvan Fortuin to blame for own murder: In a shocking new low, Cape Town hate preacher Oscar Bougardt has suggested that slain queer dancer Kirvan Fortuin was somehow responsible for their own murder and that their alleged killer could be "the real victim."
SA’s queer community in mourning after LGBTQ dance groundbreaker murdered: Kirvan Fortuin, an internationally recognised queer dancer, choreographer and ball culture groundbreaker, has been murdered - allegedly by a 14-year-old.