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School reverses learner’s drag show punishment: A matric student who was punished for celebrating her 18th birthday at a drag show is relieved that her high school has made a U-turn.
School punishes learner for attending drag show: A matric student has been stripped of some of her school honours after teachers saw a video of her celebrating her 18th birthday at a drag show.
Poet Ntsiki Mazwai slams gay men for “competing” with women: South African poet Ntsiki Mazwai has sparked a firestorm of queerphobia on social media with a bizarre attack on the LGBTQ community.
Hate speech complaint lodged against anti-gay preacher: A Johannesburg preacher and former ACDP candidate has been slammed for his social media posts proclaiming that gay people are sinners equal to those who commit bestiality.
LGBTQ+ rights not a priority for most African youth: A major survey of African youth across the continent has shown a small increase in support for LGBTQ+ equality but the vast majority still don't see it as important.
Gyre on hip-hop homophobia: I’m done keeping quiet!: South African queer hip-hop trailblazer Gyre has had his fill of homophobia in the hip-hop scene. Now he's speaking out!
Anti-queer fatwa: Islamic council slams Desmond Tutu Foundation: The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation has come under fire for speaking out against a recent fatwa condemning queer Muslims as sinful.
Barry Ronge left behind a 45-year queer love story: The late Barry Ronge not only left behind a cultural legacy that touched millions but also a queer love story that spanned 45 years.
SA Muslim Council: Gay Muslims must resist their desires: The world's first openly gay imam warns that a new fatwa issued by the SA Muslim Judicial Council will only incite hate towards queer people.
Fury over transphobic article published by SA Jewish Report: A hateful article written by a gay man and published in the South African Jewish Report newspaper has been condemned as both deeply transphobic and inaccurate.