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Jeweller refuses to sell engagement ring to same-sex couple: Craig Marks, a Cape Town-based online jeweller, has again been accused of refusing to sell engagement rings to same-sex couples because of the owner's Christian beliefs.
Why did kykNET give LGBTIQ+ hate preacher Oscar Bougardt a platform?: Why did a Kyknet talk show give LGBTIQ+ hate pastor Oscar Bougardt a platform to air his dangerous views on national television?
Civil society responds to dangerous panic over “unisex” school toilets: More than 40 LGBTIQ+ and allied organisations are speaking out against alarmist disinformation campaigns over "unisex toilets" in schools.
New LGBTIQ+ school guidelines: What’s actually being proposed: Some media outlets are sensationalising proposed new guidelines that aim to include and affirm LGBTIQ+ school learners. Here's what they really say.
Vodacom responds to flood of hate targeting queer-affirming ad: An online advert for Vodacom featuring a queer-presenting model has seen hundreds responding with shocking vitriol and hatred.
Limpopo LGBTIQ+ learner discriminated against for wearing pants: A 12-year-old LGBTIQ+ learner from Limpopo has been repeatedly sent home and denied her right to education because she refuses to wear a dress.
A short history of Pride Month in South Africa: October is commemorated as Pride Month in South Africa and the continent. So, what makes this month so special and why do we celebrate Pride in the first place?
Miss South Africa marks 32 years of Pride at rainbow flag raising: Miss South Africa Ndavi Nokeri joined LGBTIQ+ activists on Thursday to raise the rainbow Pride flag at Constitution Hill to mark Pride Month.
In Pictures: Soweto Pride 2022: The 18th Soweto Pride brought together elements of protest, anger, joy and celebration. Here are our photos of the day's events and faces.
Zambia: Church and politicians ramp up anti-LGBTQ+ panic: Politicians and religious leaders in Zambia are fuelling dangerous homophobic hysteria that’s seen at least one man sentenced to prison.