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Fury as Cape Town school bans LGBTIQ+ students from marking Pride Month: LGBTIQ+ learners at an Afrikaans school in the Western Cape were harassed and blocked from marking Pride because it would be "disruptive".
Becoming Yaya Mavundla: Outspoken transgender activist and reality star Yaya Mavundla expresses controversial views on LGBTIQ+ activism and classism in the community.
Photos | Vigil for fallen LGBTIQ+ hate victims: The LGBTIQ+ community gathered at Johannesburg's Constitution Hill on Wednesday night for a candlelight vigil to honour the victims of hate.
Even in death Jon Qwelane is putting LGBTIQ+ lives at risk: Months after his death, Jon Qwelane's homophobia is still having a deadly impact on the lives of LGBTIQ+ people in South Africa by delaying the Hate Crimes Bill.
ACDPs warped and inhuman Christian values: So much for Christian values! Instead of crying out against LGBTIQ+ murders, the ACDP has chosen to protest against inclusion in schools.
LGBTIQ+ community demands President Ramaphosa condemns hate murders: The LGBTIQ+ community has united in calling for President Ramaphosa and all South Africans to stand up to queerphobia and hate.
Gareth Cliff defends transphobic Rachel Levine post: Gareth Cliff doesn't see why misgendering transgender US health official Dr Rachel Levine as a "man who thinks he’s a woman" is transphobic.
Outrage as Sizzlers massacre killer is considered for early parole: The sister of one of the victims of SAs worst queer mass killing, the Sizzlers massacre, is lobbying to stop his killer from being released.
Jon Qwelane will be remembered for his hate: Despite his credentials as an anti-apartheid journalist, the legacy of Jon Qwelane, who passed away on Thursday, will be remembered as one of unapologetic homophobia.
Nakhane: It doesn’t take much to turn me on: In an exclusive interview, we speak to the multitalented Nakhane about sex and his contribution to Exhale, a ground-breaking queer African erotic anthology.