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LGBTQ+ corporate allies must show their true colours: Recent incidents in the US suggest that some companies are only LGBTQ+ corporate allies for as long as it doesn't affect their bottom line.
ANC, EFF, and PA back Johannesburg mayor from anti-LGBTIQ+ party (again): The ANC, EFF and PA have again shown that their LGBTIQ-allyship is easily discarded for political power in the city of Johannesburg.
Same-sex family forced apart by uncaring Home Affairs: The Department of Home Affairs has been accused of being unnecessarily cruel in separating a same-sex family by dragging out one of the men's permanent residence application.
Helen Zille says people identify as gay or trans to be “woke”: Helen Zille, the Chairperson of the DA Federal Council, has made a statement revealing her true views on gay and trans people.
“We have the right to exist!” Protests against Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill: Protestors gathered in Pretoria and Cape Town on Friday to condemn Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill and show solidarity with queer Ugandans.
Still no answers for family of gay school pupil who died by suicide: The family of gay 15-year-old Tiro Moalusi are still waiting for answers from the Gauteng Department of Education about what led to his suicide.
Anti-Homosexuality Bill: ANC, DA, ActionSA condemn SA’s silence: While the EFF, the DA and ActionSA have condemned Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the ANC and the South African government have remained silent.
Adoption of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill welcomed: The passage of the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill in the National Assembly has been lauded as a major milestone
Grindr Gang attack: new victim tells his story: Despite recent arrests, we can confirm that queer men are still being actively targeted by the "Grindr Gang" after a new victim came forward.
Why is the DA so opposed to the Hate Crimes Bill?: The DA doubles down on its opposition to the Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill, a stance that seems to contradict its claim to be an LGBTIQ+ ally.