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New Johannesburg mayor is from openly queerphobic party: The man now heading the city of Johannesburg, Mayor Thapelo Amad, is a representative of the fervently queerphobic party, Al Jama-ah.
Pope Francis calls for Catholic Church to oppose anti-gay laws: The Catholic Church must put Pope Francis' historic words into action by supporting efforts to repeal laws criminalising homosexuality.
Ntsiki Mazwai tells “sick” trans women to stop calling themselves women: South African poet and commentator Ntsiki Mazwai is again targeting the LGBTIQ+ community, this time denying that transgender women are women at all.
SA Methodist Church condemns EC pastor’s queerphobic sermon: The Methodist Church of Southern Africa has apologised to the LGBTIQ+ community for queerphobic statements made by one of its pastors in the Eastern Cape.
Was Edwin Chiloba the victim of intimate partner violence?: Five people have appeared in court in connection with the murder of well-known Kenyan model and activist Edwin Chiloba, including his partner.
Uganda | Dangerous claims that LGBTQ+ people are “recruiting” schoolchildren: Government officials and religious leaders stir up dangerous anti-queer hysteria in Uganda by claiming that LGBTQ+ people are "recruiting" children.
AU human rights commission rejects LGBTIQ+ rights groups over “African values”: Human rights groups slam the African human rights commission for its homophobic refusal to recognise three LGBTIQ-affirming organisations.
Why did kykNET give LGBTIQ+ hate preacher Oscar Bougardt a platform?: Why did a Kyknet talk show give LGBTIQ+ hate pastor Oscar Bougardt a platform to air his dangerous views on national television?
Civil society responds to dangerous panic over “unisex” school toilets: More than 40 LGBTIQ+ and allied organisations are speaking out against alarmist disinformation campaigns over "unisex toilets" in schools.
New LGBTIQ+ school guidelines: What’s actually being proposed: Some media outlets are sensationalising proposed new guidelines that aim to include and affirm LGBTIQ+ school learners. Here's what they really say.