The trial of the alleged murderers of actor Brett Goldin and designer Richard Bloom – Clinton Davids (22) and Shavaan Marlie (25) – has again been postponed.

Goldin and Bloom were brutally murdered in Cape Town in April last year. They were found naked near a highway; each had a single shot to the head.

Davids and Marlie, who were set to stand trial yesterday for murder, are also facing charges of aggravated armed robbery, kidnapping, the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Monday’s court date was set last year to allow for the completion of the investigation – including the results of DNA tests.

Yesterday’s proceedings were delayed by almost an hour and a half after officials apparently forgot to bring the two men to court. They were fetched and the hearing began at 11.30, but only lasted a few minutes.

Amidst a packed courtroom, Judge John Hlophe of the Cape High Court postponed the case until 21 May. Prosecutors had earlier requested more time from the Judge to complete their investigation.

A large contingent of anti-crime protesters, including DA head Tony Leon and a smattering of celebrities, as well as the victims’ families were present at court.

Speaking to reporters, Goldin’s mother Denise Goldin said that the delays had taken their toll on the family. “It was this time last year when I still had my family. When Brett was still alive”, she said.

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