In the perfume world there are many ‘names’ to choose from, each claiming to offer something special. Normally a by-product of an established fashion label or celebrity branding exercise, not many perfume houses have such a complete dedication to producing memorable, sublimely perfect fragrances as does Thierry Mugler’s. Well known and highly regarded for his contribution to the world of fragrances, Mugler is not just a ‘label’, but is seen by many as an enigmatic visionary.

Thierry Mugler was born within the shadows of Strasbourg Cathedral. A rebellious child, he was fascinated by the sheer scale of Gothic architecture. At fourteen, he joined the Opera du Rhin ballet company while simultaneously taking courses at the École des Arts Décoratifs. At 23, his appearance and style created shockwaves in Paris. He designed logos, shop windows and clothes that he sold through Gudule, the first “hip” boutique in the capital. He went on to become a freelance designer, for a few years, dividing his time between Paris, London, Milan and Barcelona.

In 1973, Mugler produced his first fashion line, under the urbane, sophisticated Café de Paris label. He paid tribute to the “Parisian in her little black dress” and re-launched the suit and trench coat interpreted his own distinctive way. In 1974, he created his own label proclaiming feminine elegance. With revolutionary tailoring, he launched a new and highly stylized silhouette. It was anatomical, graphic and glorified the femininity of women‘s bodies. Thierry Mugler was both innovative with the shape he created and the materials he used. He reinvented seduction and was called the “shock designer” by the press. For him, fashion set the scene for a woman to play the starring role. Experimenting with materials such as leather, metal and PVC, he sculpted and created a liberated, strong, conquering, sensual woman.

In 1978, Mugler re-worked the classic masculine line, giving it a style as excessive as his own talent: functional, lean, structured. At the invitation of the Chambre Syndicale de La Haute Couture, he produced his first haute couture collection in 1992. Each garment was conceived as a work of art. His catwalk presentations were designed to be genuine shows for which he was both creator and director. Everything was innovative and totally new. Models and artists rubbed shoulders with celebrities and personalities at a host of venues, each one more extraordinary than the next. He was one of the few designers in the 1990’s who raised fashion to the level of visual art, and of show business.

Throughout these years, he was passionately involved in photography and published his first book Thierry Mugler Photographe in 1988, followed by Fashion Fetish Fantasy in 1999. His realm of expression: placing people in settings of outsized proportions, a poetic and graphic view of life and space. He has also directed short films, advertising commercials and video clips. Mugler has designed costumes for musical comedies, concerts, operas and plays, such as Macbeth, for the Comédie Française, and also worked with artists, such as Robert Altman and George Michael. Mugler’s skills led him to work with the prestigious Cirque du Soleil in 2003. He added his magic touch by creating both the costumes and the identity of the “Zunamity” characters. As director of one of the show’s set pieces, he contributed to a new era of the circus: the “erotic cabaret”.

An everyday master of enchantment, Mugler continues to pursue his inventiveness and creativity through photography and directing: producing the advertising clips and photographs for the fragrances, publishing books, directing musical shows and revues. His creative spirit constantly grabs attention and takes us on fabulous fantasy journeys. The now rarely photographed Mugler is a master of all things beautiful, creative and enigmatic – perhaps the reason why his fragrances are top sellers in Europe! In a world where everything seems obvious, Thierry Mugler embraces mystery and opulence. And let’s face it – we love it!


In 2000, Thierry distanced himself from the world of fashion to pursue other interests, but mostly to focus on the creation of fragrances. Marketed and distributed by the Clarins Group, Thierry Mugler is considered a young brand on the international scene but is already a serious rival to the renowned names in perfumery across the world.

A*MEN is an oriental-woody-vigorous fragrance; it’s a fragrance of contrasts with two dimensions; the one an intensely powerful and masculine oriental-woody dimension combining the woodiness of patchouli with the haunting warmth of vanilla; the other, a combination of the aroma of coffee and a tarry accent that reminds us of city streets. The A*MEN man is strong and charismatic, sensual and virile.

Explosiveness, energy and daring are the hallmarks of B*MEN, a fragrance that conjures up a dynamic world of speed and colour. Created by contrasting modern, woody notes with green spicy accents bursting with vitality, this fragrance has an exclusive olfactive signature: the vibrancy of rhubarb and the power and modernity of sequoia. The B*MEN man is in tune with the rhythm of his feelings and impulses. He is a man in action, bold, heroic and virile.

The invigorating sensuality of Mugler Cologne is original, sinuous and subtle, unusual and yet so simple. And giving it its personality and originality is the mysterious ‘S’ note exclusive to Thierry Mugler, which runs through the fragrance like an olfactive backbone. It’s a carnal and exhilarating dimension that gives voice to the skin’s own scent. Mugler Cologne unleashes a very personal and natural scent with miraculous staying power. Refreshingly sophisticated, discreet and long-lasting.

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