An inquest in London has revealed that the death of Gary Frisch – the South African born owner of Gaydar – was probably linked to a ketamine drug binge.

Frisch died after he plunged to his death from the eighth floor of his luxury Battersea, London, apartment in February.

According to an eyewitness, Stephen Ruddock, Frisch yelled “Waheey” before hitting the ground. “It was a celebratory thing. I saw his body come into my line of sight. It arced in the air and hit the ground,” he said. Authorities have found substantial amounts of ketamine in Frisch’s system.

A friend of Frisch’s, Darren Morris, who was in his apartment when he jumped from the balcony, said that “I came into the living room and I saw him standing on the balcony with his hands on the rail. He somersaulted over the top.”

It’s been reported by London’s Daily Mail that Frisch had been clubbing and binging on drugs in the weeks before his death.

His death was ruled “misadventure” and not suicide: Coroner Dr Paul Knapman told the court that, “I don’t think that it can be said he intended to kill himself. This is not suicide at all. He jumped to his death from the balcony of his flat on the eighth floor while under the influence of drugs.”

Frisch co-founded the popular international Gaydar dating network with Henry Badenhorst in 1999. The two men were named as one of the most-influential gay business leaders in the UK last year by the Independent on Sunday newspaper.

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