A furore has erupted over a self-professed former male prostitute’s internet blog – titled ‘SA Male Prostitute’ – in which he claims to have serviced a number of South African male celebrities.

The blog’s author, who says that he has now ended his career as a sex worker, writes that after 10 years in the business he has decided to spill the beans on “about 50 well-known South African” clients.

He then proceeds to reveal alleged intimate details about seven of the public figures, who he alleges paid him for sex. Others are named with the promise of more details to come.

The celebrities include a former Springbok rugby player, a fashion designer, high profile journalists, an actor, a singer, a politician and even an Afrikaans preacher.

Mambaonline has read the blog, which is in Afrikaans, but is unable, for legal reasons, to name the people mentioned. Any media publication linking to the site or naming the alleged clients of the author could be implicated in future slander actions.

The site’s anonymous author goes on to explain his apparent motivation for publishing the information:

“I have decided to speak out because the public does not have any idea about the double lives these people are leading. Most of them place themselves on pedestals while they taste the forbidden fruits between the sheets,” he says.

He goes on to write that, “I have served clients that are well known, such as news editors, SABC editors, television presenters, politicians, singers, actors etc. It was rough sex and I am going to disclose EVERYTHING. I am doing it as my humble contribution to free future male sex workers from these rude “high society” celebrities. They will think twice before hiring prostitutes after I have finished talking.”

According to the Mail & Guardian newspaper, the blog is being investigated by the authorities for defamation after at least one person named on the site reported the matter to the police.

The newspaper quotes Inspector Jeremy Steyn at the Caledon Square police station in Cape Town as saying that the matter was being investigated by the police’s “computer people”.

The fact that the site is hosted on an international server may complicate attempts to find the identity of the author or force it to be taken down.

While celebrities in the U.S. and the U.K. are regularly at the centre of detailed gossip and alleged scandal thanks to numerous gossip blogs and tabloids, South African celebrities have to date been largely spared the experience.

Reporting with the assistance of Gayspeak

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