Four men have been arrested in Groningen, the Netherlands, for allegedly drugging, raping and then injecting their male victims with their own HIV-infected blood.

It is believed that three of the men were directly involved in the rapes, while one of the men supplied the drugs – said to be ecstasy and GHB – to incapacitate the victims. All least two of the accused are confirmed to be infected with the HI virus.

The incidents apparently took place at gay sex parties, said police at a news conference. While the victims were unconscious, the accused are alleged to have drawn vials of their own blood and then injected it into the victims.

According to Dutch police, two of the men have confessed and will be charged with rape and premeditated assault. A third is being investigated and is also being held. They could face 16 years in jail.

Because AIDS is no longer legally defined as an inevitably fatal disease in the Netherlands, the men will avoid attempted murder charges.

Police chief Ronald Zwarter told reporters that, “The motive to do this was the ‘kick,’ and the feeling that unsafe sex is ‘pure.'”

According to Reuters, Police found out about the incidents after they were given tip-offs by AIDS groups.

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