A male passenger accused of groping a male air steward has been arrested by airport authorities in the United States.

Forty three year old John Michael Moody II, a practising lawyer, is accused of disorderly behaviour on a Southwest Airlines flight from Indianapolis to Jacksonville.

According to reports and court papers, trouble began upon boarding when he asked crew “Where is the gay section?”

It’s alleged that after he and three friends drank excessively in the back of the plane, Moody made sexual advances on Cory Cash, a male steward, groping his buttocks during the flight.

He also asked the crewmember to have sex with him in the toilets.

When Cash refused the advances and asked him to return to his seat, it’s claimed that Moody became abusive. He also allegedly picked up another passenger’s child and carried the boy up the aisle.

Moody was arrested by air marshals when the aircraft landed.

He was released on bail of $10 000 but faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250 000 fine if he is found guilty of the charge of interfering with a flight crew.

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