The Cape Times has reported that a young gay Gugulethu man alleges that he was victimised by police because of his sexuality.

Banele Qhina, 19, has lodged a complaint with the Independent Complaints Directorate claiming to have been assaulted by a constable who made derogatory remarks about him being gay.

Qhina says that he and his brothers were stopped by two policemen who found a toy gun in his pocket. He claims that one of the officers started beating him, and when he tried to run away, was thrown down, kicked in the face and repeatedly asked,” Is jy ‘n moffie?” (are you gay) in Afrikaans.

Qhina further alleges that he was again assaulted at the police station and insulted about his sexuality and a screensaver of his boyfriend on his cell phone by the officer.

“He joked to a colleague that he should stop beating me because ‘maybe he is pregnant’. He also said ‘I wonder if I must put him in the male or female cell’,” Qhina told the newspaper.

A charge of possessing a toy gun was apparently later dropped in court.

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