Gary Frisch, the SA born co-founder of the Gaydar dating site who died in February at the age of 38, has left his fortune to his former business partner and lover.

Frisch’s death was ruled as ‘misadventure’ in an inquiry after he jumped from his eighth floor London apartment balcony following a night of partying on the drug ketamine.

A friend in the flat said that he had been talking incoherently and a witness on the ground described Frisch ‘whoop’ as he fell.

The computer fundi started the Gaydar website with fellow South African and then lover Henry Badenhorst in 1999. The service has over four million users around the world.

Frisch’s estate has been valued at £6.5 million, of which the majority, £6 million, was left to Badenhorst. The two had broken up a few months before the incident.

Badenhorst will to pay inheritance tax of more than £2m as the two had not entered into a civil partnership.

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