Homophobic Anglican clergy from the US are finding a haven among Africa’s conservative Anglican communities, which are at the forefront of opposing the ordination of gays and women in the church.

Reflecting the growing split within the worldwide church on the issue of homosexuality, Uganda’s Anglican Church has consecrated an American priest as a bishop this week.

The Reverend John Guernsey will return to the US where he will oversee 33 parishes in Virginia which have agreed to fall under the Province of the Church of Uganda because they have rejected the US church’s liberal stance.

President Museveni of Uganda sent a letter of support to the ceremony.

US and African conservatives in the church have been threatening to separate from the worldwide body following the consecration of Gene Robinson, an open and practicing gay man, as Bishop in 2003.

In Kenya last week two US bishops from Texas were consecrated in order to fall under the conservative Kenyan branch of the Anglican Church.

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