Citing opposition to liberal church policies towards gays, three of the four Anglican dioceses in Zimbabwe have decided to split from the Central African Province – effectively dissolving the entity.

The Province consists of Anglican dioceses in Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The split came into effect at a Provincial Synod that was held in Malawi on Saturday. The Harare Diocese has official withdrawn from the Province while three other Zimbabwean dioceses have announced their intention to do the same.

The dioceses slammed the Province for not censuring clerics that were said to be pro-gay in their activities, or rumoured to be gay themselves.

The motion to dissolve the Province was put forward by Bishop Elson Jakazi of Manicaland, and seconded by Vicar General of Harare Diocese Venerable Harry Mambo Rinashe. This was despite a resolution by the Synod stating that it was opposed to homosexuality.

Bishop Kunonga of Harare told the Zimbabwe Herald that, “We totally reject homosexuality; it is an abomination, it is totally against the law of God, and it diminishes the dignity of the human being,” adding that, “We also believe in the supremacy of the scriptures, the primacy of the scriptures and there is nowhere where homosexuality has been condoned.”

In August, The Diocese of Harare adopted an act on the issue which states: “…the Diocese of Harare dissociates itself and severs relationship with any individual, group of people, organisation, institution, Diocese, Province or otherwise, which indulges, sympathises or compromises with homosexuality.”

The issue of homosexuality is threatening to tear apart the Anglican Church around the world. In the last month a number of US bishops have been consecrated in Uganda and Kenya in order for their US dioceses to fall under the authority of anti-gay African Provinces instead of more liberal American Provinces.

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