Three foreigners, one in Ghana and two in Malaysia, have been arrested by those countries’ authorities for having gay sex.

John Ross Macleod, a photographer on holiday in Ghana has been charged with “unnatural carnal knowledge” after police officials found photographs of him having sex with a Ghanaian man.

The 63 year old Briton was arrested at Ghana’s airport when authorities found a CD of the images in his luggage.

Both Macleod and the other man, 19 year old Emmanuel Adda, who apparently met on the internet, pleaded guilty to the charge. Macleod also pleaded guilty to a charge for the possession of obscene images.

He has been given the option to pay a fine of around £320 or serve out a six-month jail term. Reports do not elaborate on Adda’s fate.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, two foreigners – British man and Chinese national – were among 37 men arrested in a raid on an alleged sex party at a fitness centre in northern Penang Island.

The men, between the ages of 20 and 45 could face jail terms of up to 20 years and public floggings.

“Based on our information, the centre was regularly used for these gay activities,” police chief Azam Abdul Hamid told The Associated Press. “This is against our culture, our way of life.”

Police said that were operating on a tip-off.

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