Bob Allen, a senior member of the Republican Party in the Florida State Senate, has been sentenced for soliciting sex from a policeman in a park bathroom.

The married 48 year old, known for his conservative and homophobic stance, was sentenced to six months supervised probation. He must also pay a $250 fine.

He was earlier found guilty by a jury of offering to pay an undercover police officer $20 to be allowed to perform oral sex on him in a public toilet in Titusville, Florida.

Allen was also barred by the court from returning “to Space View Park where the incident took place.”

If Allen had been sentenced under a failed bill on public lewdness which he himself tabled earlier this year he would have received considerably more serious penalties.

He would also have been automatically found guilty of a felony instead of a relatively minor misdemeanour. Allan has said that he plans to appeal.

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