A new website poll has revealed US gay viewers’ favourite gay and bisexual television characters of all time.

The poll, conducted by the website, Afterelton.com, was topped by the arrogant and promiscuous Brian Kinney (pic), played by actor Gale Harold, from the US version of Queer as Folk. This despite the popular show, which was based on the UK series of the same name, having ended in 2005.

Queer as Folk has never been broadcast in South Africa, although it is a strong following locally thanks to its availability at DVD rental stores around the country.

Brian Kinney was followed by Jack MacFarland (Sean Hayes) from the sitcom Will & Grace in second place.

“Television matters. Who and what we see on our screens each week tells us a great deal about who and what is relevant in society, who has power, and who doesn’t,” writes editor Michael Jensen, introducing the poll on the site.

The top five were rounded off by Justin Taylor (Randy Harrison), also from Queer as Folk, in third place, Brothers & Sisters’ Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) in fourth, followed by Will Truman (Eric McCormack) from Will & Grace.

Jensen notes that, “The final results of our survey tilted heavily toward the most recent representations. Yes, these characters are fresher in viewers’ minds than are characters from older shows. However, the more recent characters are also much richer and more fully-developed than were the Matt Fieldings (Melrose Place) or Steven Carringtons (Dynasty) of twenty years ago.”

Afterelton.com said that its sister site, Afterellen.com, would at some point conduct a poll on the favourite lesbian television characters.

To view the result of the survey, visit www.afterelton.com.

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