A straight female bouncer has won thousands of Pounds in damages after a UK gay club manager called her a “breeder.”

Sharon Legg, a 33 year old mother of three who worked at the door of gay club Dreams in Bournemouth, took her case to the courts after she was repeatedly called derogatory names and then fired.

According to Legg, she was the subject of verbal abuse because she was straight. Co-workers also refused to co-operate with her. She was later fired from the club without the proper procedures being followed after a dispute with a colleague.

Legg made use of the same law, the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations Act of 2003, which prevents gays and lesbians from being discriminated against.

Although the court found that she was not dismissed for being straight, she was awarded £3,000 in compensation for being harassed because of her sexuality and a further £3,222 for being unfairly dismissed.

Speaking to the Dorset Echo newspaper, Legg said that, “I made this complaint for gay people, straight people, anyone who has ever been harassed.“

The director of the company that owns the club said that he was considering appealing the ruling.

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