Religious protestors picketed the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles protesting the recently deceased Heath Ledger’s role in Brokeback Mountain.

The protestors, believed to be from the notorious Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), carried signs reading “Heath’s in Hell”.

Meanwhile, inside the Shrine Auditorium, the actor was remembered by his peers. While accepting an award for Best Actor in the film There Will Be Blood, Daniel Day-Lewis dedicated the honour to Ledger:

“There are many actors in this room tonight including my fellow nominees who have given me that sense of regeneration. Heath Ledger gave it to me. In Monster’s Ball, that character that he created seemed to be almost like an unformed being retreating from themselves, retreating from his father, from his life, even retreating from us, and yet we wanted to follow him and yet were scared to follow him almost. It was unique, and then of course in Brokeback Mountain he was unique. He was perfect. And that scene in the trailer in the end of the film is as moving as anything I think I’ve ever ever seen,” said Day-Lewis in his acceptance speech.

Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment last week. The cause of death has not yet been confirmed, but it is suspected that he might have overdosed on prescription medication.

The WBC had earlier committed itself to protesting Ledger’s funeral and memorial service. It is believed that a private service for Ledger, attended by friends and family, has been held in Los Angeles in an attempt to avoid the planned protests.

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