South African singer and actor Robbie Klay has told the Beeld newspaper that he was abused by an older well-known male celebrity in his youth.

The 21 year old, who is popular primarily within the Afrikaans music market, says that he will not reveal the name of his alleged abuser.

In a report by the newspaper, headlined “SA star tells of ‘sex toy’ hell,” Klay claims that he and the man engaged in “oral sex, masturbation up to three times a day, pornography and nude photographs” for over seven years from the age of ten.

He told Beeld that he came forward with the revelations out of a desire to “encourage children who go through something similar to tell somebody they trust.”

Klay began his career as a child star and has recorded a number of CDs. He has also appeared in the the popular Afrikaans television drama Amalia.

He earlier told his mother and fiancée about the alleged abuse before going public with the claims.

“As a young boy I wondered if I was gay and I agonised over it, said Klay, adding, “I am totally negative about men. I cannot communicate normally with men.”

The Beeld says that it knows the identity of the alleged abuser, whom Klay refers to as “the uncle,” but has not published his name. It says that it has been contacted by another man who claims that he and a friend were also abused by the celebrity as children.

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