African lesbians are meeting in Maputo, Mozambique for a conference on “Building Lesbian Feminist Thinkers and Leaders for the 21st century.”

The conference is the third of the Pan Africa Feminist Leadership Institute and will run in the capital from 24 to 29 February. It is being hosted by The Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL) and LAMBDA.

According to Behind the Mask website, the conference will discuss the African Feminist Charter of Principles, HIV and Aids, gender, sexuality and violence against Women.

South African organisations such as OUT LGBT Well-being, and The Rainbow Project (TRP) from Namibia will be taking part.

“We are hoping to network, learn more about transgender issues and bring the issues and the voice of Namibian LBT to the assembly”, TRP’s Project Officer Linda Baumann told Behind the Mask.

Homosexuality is illegal in Mozambique under the country’s penal code, although this is rarely enforced. For more information on the conference contact CAL on +27 11 487 0625 or e-mail admin@cal.org.za.

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