Following the recent ant-gay riots in Dakar, it’s been reported that gays and lesbians in Senegal are fleeing to neighbouring countries.

The predominantly Muslim nation has been gripped by anti-gay fever since pictures of an alleged gay wedding were published in a local magazine earlier this month. A number of men were arrested in connection with the wedding but were then released by the authorities.

The men’s release sparked violent protests last week outside the capital’s principle Mosque.

Rumours have spread in Senegal that the jailed men had been released because they threatened to reveal the names of high ranking state officials in who are purported to be gay.

Now, afrol News reports that Senegalese homosexuals are feeling to The Gambia and Mali to escape increasing threats on their lives.

The website says, however, that “The Gambia may not be a safe hideout for homosexuals, considering President Yahya Jammeh’s personal hatred of homosexuality. He had earlier threatened to crush any act of homosexuality in the country.”

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