Singer Robbie Klay, who made allegations of sexual abuse against another older South African singer, has now laid charges of indecent assault against the man.

The Beeld newspaper reports that the 21 year old laid the charge with Superintendent Anneke Pienaar of the police unit against family violence and sexual crimes in Johannesburg.

“It feels as if a heavy load is off my shoulders. I’m extremely grateful that the charge has now been laid,” Klay told the newspaper after filing the charge.

“From the start I didn’t want the case to get out of hand, but because my reputation, integrity and the truth of the allegations were being questioned, I had no other choice,” he said.

The Beeld said that the accused cannot be named according to the law.

Klay claimed that he and the man engaged in “oral sex, masturbation up to three times a day, pornography and nude photographs” for over seven years, starting from when he was ten.

He had previously said that he would not name his alleged abuser or pursue an action against him.

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