Jamaican anti-gay music performer Bounty Killer (left) has had two of his three UK concerts cancelled in the last week, following a campaign by the gay rights group OutRage!

According to Outrage! Bounty Killer has released a number of songs inciting the killing of gay people.

His concerts in Bradford and Birmingham have been axed, reportedly losing him thousands of pounds in performance fees. In Germany, Bounty Killer’s performance in Essen was cancelled and other German concert dates are now in doubt.

Gay human rights groups are coordinating a Europe-wide campaign to halt his “Deadly Alliance” tour of the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

They are supported by the Caribbean-wide C-Flag coalition of black gay and straight human rights organisations who are demanding an end to “murder music” in the Caribbean and around the world.

“Bounty Killer has performed murder music songs and has ridiculed other singers who have agreed to halt their encouragement of queer-bashing attacks,” said Peter Tatchell of OutRage! who coordinated the British concert cancellation campaign.

“Bounty Killer bragged that he was invincible. He vowed his concerts would go ahead and boasted that no gays could stop him. Look who’s crying now. There must be zero tolerance of singers like Bounty Killer who advocate the murder of other human beings,” said Tatchell.

He called on the British Metropolitan Police to ban any concerts by Bounty Killer: “Police claims that they are cracking down on homophobic hate crimes now look like a public relations stunt at the expense of the lesbian and gay community.”

A white racist singer who advocated killing black people would not be allowed to perform anywhere in London, even if he agreed to not incite the killing of black people at his concert. The police would argue that any stage performance would threaten public order and community relations. They would ban the singer, full stop,” he said.

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