Luke MacFarlane comes out

It was just a matter of time really, but sexy actor Luke MacFarlane – best known for his role as the gay Scotty in Brothers & Sisters – has officially come out the closet. Luke has been at the centre of speculation about his relationships with both TR Knight and Wentworth Miller (who continues to insist that he is straight), but this is the first time that he has come clean about his sexuality. “I don’t know what will happen professionally… that is the fear, but I guess I can’t really be concerned about what will happen, because it’s my truth,” the actor said about his coming out in an interview with the Globe and Mail. When asked if he is currently in a relationship, he responded: “That is my personal life. That is where I draw the difference.” The upcoming season of Brothers & Sisters will see Luke’s character getting married to one of the other male characters; something which Luke says he’d like to experience in his own life.

Kylie Flops in the US

Despite a frenetic promotional tour in America, which saw her appearing on shows such as American Idol, Kylie Minogue’s latest attempt to ensure another hit in the US has failed miserably. Kylie last had significant success in America with her massive 2002 global hit single Can’t Get You Out Of My Head but has had little luck since. Now her newest album X has debuted on the Billboard album charts at a tragic number 139, selling a paltry 5 500 copies across the US. Despite this, the album is doing well elsewhere in the world. We love it here at Mamba Mansions – it’s on heavy rotation on our iPods!

Katherine admits making moves on TR Knight

Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl has admitted to The Sun newspaper that when she first started working on the hit television series she couldn’t understand why her feminine wiles weren’t having any effect on gay co-star TR Knight (she didn’t know he batted for the ‘other team’ at the time). “When we were filming the pilot I was single and so was he and I kind of had my eye on him. I was getting nowhere and I was super-confused. I was like, ‘Hello? Do I have something hanging out of my nose? Why aren’t you paying any attention to me?” said Knight’s now fag-hag BFF.

TV decorating duo gets hitched

Being fans of home-makeover shows, we had no doubt interior designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan – seen in UK television shows such as Million Pound Property Experiment – were flaming queens. But we had no idea that they were actually shagging one another. Well, they were indeed; confirmed by the fact that the two cuties have recently gotten hitched. The news was announced in a media statement which said that the dynamic Scottish design duo was secretly betrothed at the Chelsea Registry office in central London. The service was kept a closely guarded secret, and while the couple’s mothers were both aware of the impending nuptials and gave their blessings, the ceremony was attended by just two close friends who acted as witnesses. Afterward the happy couple and their two witnesses celebrated at The Wolseley on Piccadilly, a favourite London celebrity hangout.

A death in the city?

We’re in shock. It can’t be true! According to the New York Post, Sex and the City’s lesbian star Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda, has said that one of the series’ beloved characters may die in the upcoming movie version. The actress, who also recently revealed that she has battled breast cancer, told the host of a comedy show on Tuesday night that “a character dies in the movie.” She has, however, refused to reveal who it might be. Bear in mind that Sarah Jessica Parker also recently mentioned that Sex and the City: The Movie might be a tad more serious in tone than most fans expect.

Naomi Campbell boycotts BA

Clearly being a supermodel for too many years leads to shameless egomania. This is evidenced by Naomi Campbell’s assertion that she will be boycotting British Airways after she was arrested for causing a disturbance at Heathrow’s controversial Terminal 5. The 37 year old celebrity, who has a reputation for beating her personal assistants, has previously admitted that she has anger management issues and even had to do community service for an earlier violent outburst. But, instead of hanging her head in shame at her most recent tantrum (including spitting at a policeman), she’s told a Brazilian newspaper that she will no longer fly with the airline that, she says, “disrespected” her. Problem is, BA has reportedly already banned the problem jet-setter.

Britney planning another (genuine) comeback?

Word is that Britney Spears is planning on making a big comeback on the music scene. The troubled star, whose career has been plagued by personal problems, mental breakdowns and alleged drug abuse, is said to be pulling her life back together. While her most recent CD Blackout was well received by fans and critics, her erratic behaviour meant that she failed to actively promote the album; which many say was the reason it flopped in the charts. Now it’s been rumoured that, after firing him some time ago, Britney has reconciled with her former manager Larry Rudolph – the man who first made her a star. Plus she’s been seen working out at a gym and spending time in a recording studio. According to Larry, “Britney’s doing great. She’s still got a comeback in her. She’s in great shape, I mean really great shape. She’s in an amazing position for a comeback right now.” We can but hope…

Jude Law’s receding hairline

Sex Symbol Jude Law seems to have accepted the tragic fate of his hairline – if pictures published in the Daily Mail newspaper are anything to go by. The photos of 35 year old Jude in Hampstead with his son Rudy show a short cropped hairstyle which brazenly reveals a significantly receding hairline. We think it’s rather impressive that he hasn’t opted for nasty hairpieces and hair plug like most other follicly challenged male Hollywood celebs (hello, John Travolta). In fact, he looks darn sexy. However, according to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, the actor hasn’t entirely given up hope and is consulting numerous hair loss experts. Good luck Jude, we feel your pain!

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