A gay American man, who was detained by police after kissing his boyfriend on a club dancefloor in the Cayman Islands, has received an apology.

Twenty three year old Aaron Chandler and his partner, both on holiday from Massachusetts, kissed each other at the popular Royal Palms club while dancing.

A patron complained and, after a second kiss, called an off-duty officer who also demanded that they stop. A third kiss by the couple led to Chandler being detained by the officer.

He was then taken to a police station where he was later released. No charges were laid.

Speaking to the local newspaper, The CayCompass, Chandler said that, “I do display affection when I’m with my boyfriend, publicly… It’s never anything most people would consider obscene; usually it’s in the form of holding hands or a quick kiss.”

Now, the Director of Tourism for the territory, Ms Pilar Bush, has sent a letter of apology to Chandler.

“On behalf of the entire Department of Tourism, I apologise for your upsetting experience and want to assure you that the Cayman Islands is a welcoming jurisdiction to all people.

“What happened to you was an isolated incident, and is not representative of Cayman. We know that thousands of gay and lesbian visitors travel to the Cayman Islands every year and enjoy their vacation.”

The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory located in the western Caribbean Sea, with around 70% of its GDP generated by the tourism industry.

While homosexuality was decriminalised in 2000, local laws that make public affection between members of the same-sex a crime remain.

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