Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres will marry her girlfriend actress Portia de Rossi following the legalisation of gay marriage in the state of California.

During the live recording of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, the studio audience applauded when DeGeneres commented that the California Supreme Court had overturned the ban on gay marriages.

She then surprised audience members by saying “I would like to say right now, for the first time, I am announcing that I am getting married.”

The announcement resulted in a standing ovation from the cheering audience. “I am so excited. It’s something that we’ve wanted to do and we wanted to be legal,” said DeGeneres.

It’s been reported that de Rossi, best known for her roles in the shows Ally McBeal and Nip/Tuck, was in the studio at the time of the announcement.

On Thursday, the California Supreme Court ruled that domestic partnership laws are not a good enough substitute for marriage.

Once the ruling is officially published in about a month, same-sex couples will be able to receive a civil marriage license in California.

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