South Africa’s oldest gay and lesbian organisation has added its voice to the growing chorus condemning the recent xenophobic attacks against African immigrants in townships around Johannesburg and Pretoria.

In statement issued by Triangle Project, the organisation’s director Vanessa Ludwig said:

“We are appalled by the escalating attacks on foreign nationals which once again occurs in the most economically deprived and marginalized communities.

“This notion that one person has the right to violate another person who is perceived as other is being fuelled by various fundamentalisms, ethnic and racial intolerance, hetero-sexist attitudes and patriarchal power and privilege, she said.

The effect of these violent actions is that the vulnerable are forced even further onto the margins of society and are silenced for challenging value systems which are oppressive and exclusionary.”

Around 30 people have been killed in the spate of attacks on foreigners. It is believed that up to three million Zimbabweans have fled from their country’s economic and political troubles to South Africa.

They have been accused of taking away jobs and housing by the disgruntled attackers.

Tens of thousands of immigrants have sought refuge in shelters around the region following the ten days of violence.

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