A lesbian kiss at a baseball game in Seattle has resulted in a furore about public displays of affection by gays and lesbians.

The controversial lip-locking incident took place last week when 23 year old Sirbrina Guerrero and her partner (who has asked to remain anonymous) were apparently asked to stop kissing at a May 26 Seattle Mariners game.

Guerrero said an usher at Safeco Field stadium told the couple to stop kissing or leave. According to the stadium’s rules, “displays of affection not appropriate in a family setting” are not allowed.

The usher has claimed that he was responding to complaints that the women were “making out” and “groping.”

Guerrero, however, denies that that their kissing was excessive or inappropriate – describing it as “exchanging pecks” – and insists that she and her girlfriend were targeted because they are gay.

“When you bring a date to a game, you kiss once in a while. But it’s not like we were making out. We were just kissing as regular couples do. I would never make out with anyone at a baseball game,” she said.

The matter has become a hot topic of debate on television and radio talk shows in the state of Washington.

Stadium officials said that they are investigating the matter but, in the meantime, Guerrero has said that the Mariners’ Director of Guest Services had apologised to her.

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