Three protestors claim they were physically attacked by Anglican clergy who convened to discuss their opposition to same-sex relations.

The small group of protestors, led by UK gay activist Peter Tatchell, were violently ejected yesterday from a conference at London’s All Souls Church where rebel bishops were recruiting fellow clergy into a network of Anglicans that believe all same-sex relationships should be condemned.

“We were punched and physically ejected,” Tatchell claimed yesterday. “We were very polite. We folded up our banners and tried to walk into the conference. They did not say a word to us, they just started punching and shoving.”

After they were ejected from the church, the protesters unfolded banners with slogans saying “Church of Hate! Stop Crucifying Queers!”, “Defend gays, fight Christian bigots” and “Anglicans Repent Your Homophobia”.

The protest group consisted of Tatchell himself, Ugandan Christian Kizza Musinuzi and Brett Lock say they were merely “showing solidarity with our gay Christian brothers and sisters”.

The conference, following a similar gathering in Jerusalem, was an attempt to unify Anglican Bishops that believe that the Archbishop of Canterbury has failed to follow the biblical line on homosexuality.

Many senior members of the Anglican clergy predict that the recent disputes on homosexuality and female bishops will inevitably create a split in the church.

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