Two Hungarian gay establishments have been victims of arson, with police expecting similar disruptions at the capital city’s Gay Pride March.

Hungarian gay rights activists have expressed concern about ultra-nationalistic violence after a gay bar in Budapest was set aflame last week. The bar, called Action, received a telephone warning to evacuate, with a petrol bomb exploding moments later. There were no injuries.

A second attack occurred on July 2, with four petrol bombs thrown into a gay sauna called Magnum in the early hours of the morning, also preceded by a telephonic warning. Only one person was injured from fume inhalation.

The attacks come after repeated threats against the LGBT celebrations by right-wing groups during the last few weeks.

The Budapest gay community is fearful that more violence will occur during this week’s 13th LGBT Film and Cultural Festival and at the Pride march tomorrow. “We are doubtful if the police are really protecting the gay establishments as they promised,” said Gábor Kuszing of gay rights group Patent Association.

In response to this accusation, the police force has offered over 400 of their men and women to protect the upcoming Mr Gay Europe, the beauty pageant taking place in the Hungarian capital this weekend.

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