Pete Wentz talks about kissing guys

Sexy Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz, who recently married singer Ashlee Simpson, has again spoken about his boy-kissing experiences. In an interview with US gay mag, Out, 29 year old Pete said that he first kissed another guy when he 18 or 19 and that he last made out with a man when he was 22. “When I said that I make out with dudes, there was a slight sense of sexual rebellion in that,” he told the magazine. In the interview he also admits that he has a crush on Jennifer Aniston’s beau, singer John Mayer. Speaking about homophobia, Pete said that “Our culture bombards us with this idea that you’re not that, and if you are that, there’s something wrong with you, and then we’re going to call you that, and then it’s an insult.” On same-sex marriage “The actual acceptance of gay marriage is inevitable,” he added. Ashlee however shouldn’t be too worried with Pete affirming that “I’ve always felt this relentless heterosexual drive.” Damn!

Lance Bass to dance with the stars (with a boy?)

Hot (occasional) singer Lass Bass, said to be dating a personal trainer named Sebastian, has reportedly been signed up to appear in the upcoming season of the US television reality competition Dancing with the Stars. No surprise there; the show has been a boost to a number of b-grade celebs’ careers, but apparently television execs are not sure who to pair him with. There’s talk that they may yet find the openly gay star a male partner with whom to grace the dance floor. We doubt that mainstream US television would be quite so bold, but now that would be something to see…

Michael Jackson freaks out Vegas

Las Vegas is no stranger to unusual behaviour from residents and visitors alike, but few were prepared for the bizarre antics exhibited by the ever-freakish Michael Jackson. The singer, reputed to be working on a come-back show in Vegas, was photographed leaving a bookstore in the city: oddly he was wearing a surgical face mask, pyjamas, a dreadlock wig, sunglasses and being pushed around in a wheelchair by a minder. His three children followed behind along with eight bodyguards. While there’s no news about the state of his health, perhaps it was a clever ploy to go unrecognised by fellow shoppers? It, uhhh, obviously didn’t work. Mamba Mansions is unsure of whether to be amused or very frightened.

Christie Brinkley’s hubby’s ‘gay’ cover

You may have heard that supermodel of yore, Christie Brinkley, has been embroiled in a nasty divorce court room battle with hubby Peter Cook. The result has been a mud-slinging match of note, with lots of dirt about the once gorgeous Peter coming to the fore – from allegations of dealing drugs in his youth to an apparent $3,000 a month porn obsession. Most humorously, a GQ magazine cover from his modelling days has surfaced; revealing a very 80’s gay looking Peter posing and pouting for all he’s worth – and wearing little more than a Speedo. It’s been since announced that the two cover stars have reach a settlement, with Peter getting a hefty cash payout from Christie (no doubt to support his expensive porn habit.)

Madonna teams up again with Britney

Madonna’s life may be in turmoil – thanks to the impending backstabbing tell-all book by her brother Christopher Ciccone, claims that her marriage is on the rock and allegations that she’s been having an affair with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez – but she continues to diligently toil on her upcoming tour. The latest news is that the singer is working on a special collaboration with Britney Spears especially for the concerts. Reports says that the two are filming a video for a unique ‘mash-up’ of Madonna’s Human Nature and Britney’s Gimme More; no doubt to make some comment about our out-of-control obsession with celebrities. It’s also rumoured that Britney may actually appear live on stage with the queen at some of the world tour’s shows.

ABBA will never perform again

ABBA appeared together for the first time since 1986 on Friday at the premiere of the musical film Mamma Mia!, which is based on the stage show that incorporates ABBA’s music. In an interview shortly thereafter with the Sunday Telegraph, band member Bjoern Ulvaeus confirmed that the group will never again perform together saying that they wanted people to remember ABBA as “young, exuberant, full of energy and ambition”. He explained that, “There is simply no motivation to regroup. Money is not a factor and we would like people to remember us as we were.” While we’ll never get the chance to see the iconic band in action, we have to admire the Swedish foursome for their determination to maintain some degree of dignity around their legacy. The anticipated film stars Meryl Streep and is set to open in South Africa at the end of August.

Nadal and Federer put on hunky show

Did you see it? Tennis gods Rafael Nadal and five-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer put on what has been described as one of the most momentous tennis matches ever played at the recent Wimbledon Men’s Finals. It was a sight to behold; not just because of the stellar tennis but also thanks to the sheer hunky manliness on display. While Rafael walked away with the trophy, the two studs – both kitted out in white – showed us with every swing of the racket exactly why they are such lusted-after athletes. Yummy…

David Beckham stinks!

David Beckham’s breath stinks! According to Star magazine, the global sex symbol has been popping two Go3 vitamin pills a day, pills which contain loads of fish oil. The result; a decidedly fishy breath. Apparently Posh isn’t too impressed and makes it clear that his breath smells whenever he tries to kiss her. He could of course just stop taking the stuff, but the problem is that he’s also the spokesperson for the pills which means that he has to take them. Despite load of mints he just can’t seem to get rid of the stench. Ewww, suddenly our Becks fantasy is not quite so appealing.

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