Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has lauded his country-men and women for rejecting homosexuality.

Museveni was speaking at a betrothal ceremony in Kyakabunga, where he said that the purpose of life is to propagate the human race, reports Uganda’s New Vision website.

The website quotes a government press statement about the event in which the president says that Ugandans are right to reject homosexuality, something which he claims emanates from “negative foreign cultures.”

Meanwhile, Uganda’s State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Dr James Nsaba Buturo has come to the defence of the homophobic Anglican Achbishop of the Church of Uganda, Luke Orombi.

Orombi, who is vehemently anti-gay, has recently claimed that his life is in danger from homosexuals because of his stance.

The minister told the Sunday Monitor that Orombi should not fear retaliation as he would be protected by God:

“It’s true gays are rough people but men of God should not fear their intimidation. Ugandans should strengthen their mobilisation against the gay movement because the government is also committed to support them,” he said.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda. The government has actively opposed gay rights, banned same-sex marriage, arrested gays and lesbians, imposed censorship laws and recently said it would not target LGBT people in its HIV/AIDS policies.

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