UK Big Brother hunk launches makeup

You may not know Stuart Pilkington, but that’s okay: this won’t stop you from admiring his fine features. The former Big Brother UK contestant was hired to launch a new Yves Saint Laurent’s men’s eyeliner, Touche Eclat For Men, in London. The hunk demonstrated the eyeliner topless; drawing the attention of straight women and gay men alike. According to the YSL company, the product is un-fragranced and will “encourage men to use cosmetics as a skin enhancer, rather than to create a full make-up look”. With stars like rocker Pete Wentz regularly wearing makeup, men’s makeup is seen as the next frontier in the cosmetics industry. We regret to inform you however that Stuart is reportedly straight and the proud father of a little girl.

Paris Hilton intelligent shock?

A new documentary about heiress and celebrity whore Paris Hilton apparently reveals that she’s not quite so dumb after all. Titled, Paris, Not France, the film goes behind the scene of Paris’ life, showing her in meetings with executives and revealing a smarter side to the blond bubblehead. According to filmmaker Adria Petty, “I really wanted to make a film about her that was not negative but that wasn’t stupid, that really explored the voyeurism inherent in her creation as a new media star,” Petty told CNN. Apparently Hilton’s dumb persona was manufactured by the producers of the reality series The Simple Life, and her innate shyness adds to her less than intellectual reputation. Petty says that Paris comes into her own as a well-spoken and articulate woman when you get her alone – like in a car or a closet. Okay…

Perez: John Mayer a backdoor man

That ultra tacky Perez Hilton must really have a crush on sexy singer John Mayer. First he claimed that he had smooched that star at a party, with tongue and all, and now he says that John is something of a backdoor man. Speaking on the Howard Stern radio show this week, Perez said that a girlfriend of Jessica Simpson told him that John really had a thing for anal sex with Jessica. (Duh, don’t most straight men have an obsession about getting down with their girlfriend’s booty?) He also went on to reveal that John has a kinky side – especially when it comes to water sports. Could this be the real reason why he and Jennifer Aniston went their separate ways? Hmmm…

Lennon gay rumours furore

The media has been abuzz with news that author Phillip Norman’s biography of late Beatles legends John Lennon reveals that the icon wanted to get horizontal with band-mate Paul McCartney. The writer also claims that John had thoughts of sleeping with his own mother. To be honest, we don’t know which is worse; then again, back in the day Paul wasn’t too shabby in the looks department. As a result of the claims, Paul and Lennon’s widow, Yoko, who were both interviewed by the writer, have distanced themselves from the book. “I’ve seen him on tour roaring drunk, out of his mind in the early days before he sobered up and went to rehab. Roaring drunk and it was always with a female. If you’ve got a little gay tendency and you’re roaring drunk I’d have caught him once,” Paul said in response.

Will Young wants to be a family man

Openly gay British singer Will Young says that he would love to settle down and start a family. the 29 year old, who broke up with his boyfriend Conor last year, told The Sun that “I would love to be a parent one day. Obviously it won’t be happening soon because I am still single. But having a family and bringing up children is something I have thought about a lot recently.” Explaining that he has been in a reflective mood of late, he added that, “I was thinking about the future and the idea of bringing up a child and helping them through life is something that appeals to me hugely.” The interview comes ahead of the release of his fourth CD Let It Go. He also revealed that he taken to surfing and, once he’s finished promoting the new album, he plans to spend more time acting and wants to launch his own line of suits.

Elizabeth Taylor spotted at gay bar

No, we’re not talking about some drag queen impersonator. The real 76 year old actress was recently seen at Hollywood gay bar The Abbey. She was reportedly laughing and smiling with friends while holding on to a large martini. This unsurprisingly put an end to rumours that she is on her deathbed. When the nevertheless frail star was taken out in her wheelchair, an assistant appropriately placed a pair of bling sunglasses on her face before hitting the road. Spectators said that all they saw through the car window as she was driven away were the sunglasses and a big grin. Must have been a great martini!

Amy misses own birthday party

It really seems like drug fiend Amy Winehouse is not in a good place. The mega-talented but oh-so-troubled singer did not even pitch for her 25th birthday party last weekend. Friends and family all arrived at a Soho, London, club to celebrate with Amy, but according to The Sun tabloid newspaper, she didn’t pitch because she suddenly realised how “ugly” she has become. Guests began leaving at 2am still with no sign of Amy. The incident led to unfortunately humorous headlines such “They tried to make me go to Soho, I said no, no, no…” We can’t disagree with Ms Winehouse: she does indeed look a skeletal bruise-and-cut-covered wreck these days. We only hope that this is a wake-up call for her; before it’s too late.

Michael Douglas to play Liberace

Variety, the Hollywood bible, reports that Michael Douglas is lined up to star as the lead in a biopic of the late pianist Liberace. The gay musician lived his life firmly in the closet right up to the end, despite being outrageously flamboyant and probably single-handledly defining the term “camp”. He died of AIDS related complication in 1987 at the age of 67. The film is being developed by the brilliant director Steven Soderbergh (Traffic and the Ocean’s Eleven series). It’s also been claimed that Matt Damon is being wooed to play Liberace’s lover of five years, Scott Thorson.

Daniel Radcliffe’s incredible shrinking wand

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe remains in the news ahead of his role in the play Equus on Broadway. Nineteen year old Daniel, who already performed the production in London, has admitted that nerves on the opening night led to problems in his famous on-stage nude scene; namely his penis shrank to the size of a hamster. “You tighten up like a hamster,” he revealed. “The first time it happened, I turned around and went, ‘You know, there’s a thousand people here and I don’t think even one of them would expect you to look your best in this situation.'” This appears to have been a thing of the past though, because he’s since been praised for his manly proportions. Judging by the blurry images we’ve seen on the net, we agree: Daniel has nothing to be worried about…

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