A Leeds, UK, court has heard claims that a former Mr Gay UK brutally killed a man and then cooked and ate his flesh.

Thirty six year old Anthony Morley has been accused of murdering 33-year-old Damian Oldfield.

According to the prosecution, Morley – who was crowned Mr Gay UK in 1993 – arranged to meet Oldfield on 23 April. It claims that after they had sex Morley repeatedly stabbed Oldfield in the throat until he died.

The prosecution’s Andrew Stubbs said that Morley then cut off pieces of Oldfield’s flesh, some of which he seasoned, cooked and ate.

“From a chopping board on one of the kitchen units, six pieces of cooked flesh, seasoned with fresh herbs and fried in olive oil were recovered. The flesh was human in origin,” said Stubbs.

It is alleged that after eating the flesh Morley walked to a nearby takeaway and asked for the police to be called, claiming that he had stopped someone who had tried to rape him.

Police say that he admitted to the murder a number of times. Morley’s defence however claims that he is only guilty of manslaughter after being provoked and that he may have a mental condition.

On Tuesday, Morley’s former boyfriend Shaun Wood, who was in a relationship with him for six years, testified that Morley attacked him with a meat cleaver after the two had an argument.

“…fortunately he fell backwards so it didn’t get me, otherwise it would have done,” Wood said.

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