X Factor contestant out, and then back in, the closet

A contestant in the UK’s X Factor talent reality show has denied that he is gay after he was outed by a website. The gorgeous 22 year old Austin Drage was featured on DNA magazine’s website, which described him as openly gay. Austin, who has also appeared in TV series and movies such as Snatch, has now told the Daily Star – to our deep distress – that he’s not gay after all and has a girlfriend. “I am sorry to disappoint but I am not gay,” he said, adding however that “… I am very flattered to have a gay fan base.” Either way, the performer is undeniable eye-candy. He lists his hobbies as song writing, singing, dj-ing, dancing and going to the gym and reveals that his favourite feature is his muscles. We couldn’t say we disagree….

George Michael misses out thanks to drug bust

Singer George Michael has apparently lost out on a major award thanks to his recent drug bust. The star was set to be awarded a gong for Outstanding Contribution to Music at next year’s Brit Awards, but organisers have now decided to drop him. The public-bathroom-obsessed 45 year old was last month arrested in the loos at Hampstead Heath, London, for the possession of drugs, thought to be crack cocaine. George was recently spotted at an exclusive game farm in South Arica, apparently in a desperate attempt to avoid the paparazzi following the embarrassing incident (for which he issued a public apology).

Pink proud to be labelled lesbian

Pop singer Pink, who’s about to release her new CD Funhouse, has said that she has no qualms about being seen as lesbian, even though she recently split up with husband Carey Hart. “I’m proud people think I’m gay. Everyone has always thought I was gay because of the tattoos, the short hair, the attitude. But I don’t care. I love to challenge people’s preconceptions.” She’s also a supporter of gay and lesbian rights: “…It really annoys me that gay people aren’t allowed to get married in most parts of America. I’d go on a march for gay rights any time.” Go out and buy this girl’s album already!

Will Smith accused of using rent boys

Sexy mega-star Will Smith has been accused of using the services of rent boys by a notorious Hollywood madame. The un-named madame apparently spilt the beans to blogger and journalist Ian Halperin. She claims that Will, who is married to Jada Pinkett-Smith, once asked for some ‘company’ from her stable, and it was for a man. “I had to reassure him over and over that I could guarantee discretion. Once I convinced him I could, he placed his order. It was for a man. I had 14 women working for me and two guys. You’d be surprised at how many Hollywood stars requested the services of the guys,” the madam told Ian. Clearly her assurances of discretion weren’t to be trusted. Personally, we think it’s a load of gumph… But then again, you never know…

Madonna’s divorce gets nasty…

Despite initial claims that their divorce would be handled privately and with dignity, it seems that Madonna and Guy Ritchie have declared all out war on each other. It’s not been done directly of course, but friends of both parties have been quick to “anonymously” dish dirt on one another to the tabloids; apparently with the approval of the Ritchies. While Guy was at first cast as the victim of an apparently controlling and work-obsessed Madonna, the singer’s people are now accusing Guy of being a gold-digger. They claim that he refused to touch any of his own money while married to Madonna, even though he has a substantial fortune of his own. “Guy insisted that Madonna purchase a 1,200 hundred acre estate for him, fund million dollar holidays and fly him around on private jets to accommodate his fear of flying,” a source told gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Madonna is said to have been distraught that he only married her for his money and feared that he continued to have a relationship with his former girlfriend, model Tania Strecker. “Madonna took Guy from Tania, but never really trusted him that he loved her for herself. Today she’s consumed by the fear that Guy was more interested in her for her money. And that — if it hadn’t been for her fortune — he’d have stayed with Tania rather than marry her,” another source told The Sun. Hold on tight, it looks like we’re in for a scorcher of a celebrity divorce; the divorce of the decade?

Zac Efron will not bare all

Reports that drop dead gorgeous Zac Efron was planning on taking over the nude role in Broadway play Equus from Daniel Radcliffe had us collectively sliding off our leather offices chairs here at Mamba Mansions. Hell, we were already calling our travel agent. Sadly, this is not to be. Zac has denied the rumours, adding that he hasn’t even been approached about appearing in the play. Instead, the 21 year old High School Musical star says that he is contemplating attending the University of South California to study film. He has also denied rumours that he doesn’t shower often: “I assure you I showered this morning – minutes before I got here. And I do it every day. Sometimes twice. [Huh… he is talking about showering, right?] So, that’s kind of funny.” Phew, we were worried our future husband would have B.O!

Little Britain star divorces

It’s official; Matt Lucas’s civil partnership is over. The Little Britain star legally dissolved his almost two year long relationship with TV researcher Kevin McGee this week on the grounds of Kevin’s ‘unreasonable behaviour.’ (We’d love to know exactly what that entailed.) “It is with sadness that Matt and Kevin announce that their relationship has come to an end,” said the star’s legal representatives. “Their separation is amicable. They ask the press to respect their privacy at this time and to exercise restraint in any reporting of this matter.” Matt’s civil partnership was one of the first high profile ceremonies held after same-sex partnerships were legalised in the UK. Agg, shame… On the plus side, perhaps being single will help Matt lose a little weight?

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